Still Waiting

When you are a bit of a control freak such as myself, the most aggrevating part of pregancy is the “not knowing”, the lack of any influence on the arrival of your child. This is the case with me. I’ve now moved on to things that were on my “to do list” for after the baby was born simply to keep my hands and mind occupied, otherwise I’d go crazy – and I’d drive my husband and two toddlers crazy too…
But there is some comfort in knowing that he will indeed arrive, all this waiting is not for nothing – that eventually, it will happen. And for that I am grateful.
I am also grateful to have such wonderful, patient and accomodating friends – Sheri, Alex, Jodi, everyone – thanks for listening to me whine, for helping keep me busy, for taking my boys during the neverending onslaught of doctor’s appointments. I’m also grateful for my family, for the calls, and the understanding and the lovin’. It’s seasons like this where we appreciate the “village” that is helping us raise our families.
Here’s some pics courtesy of Jodi – photographer extrodinaire – so you have something interesting to look at since there’s no baby to photograph yet.

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