Two Faces

Most people know that January was named after the Roman god “Janus”. It was a head with 2 faces – one looking ahead and one looking back. Appropriate for the season…

Looking Back

After creating memory albums for all our parents as well as our annual newsletter and Christmas Card, I feel like I’ve sufficiently “reviewed” 2007 in my mind. It was a year of definate extremes. Big losses, big gains. Exremely happy moments and extremely sad ones. It’s also been a year of work, of plans and dreams.

Despite all this, it’s been a “quiet year”. I year of little moments, day after day of taking life in, absorbing it, loving it. Being grateful for all things. Enjoying the simple things. Appreciating order, walking in harmony and beauty. Finally, joy. It’s been a joyful year. Truly full of joy. Abundant joy.

Looking ahead

And so it’s a new year. How exciting…

What’s gonna happen? Who am I going to meet? What new thing will I experience? What challenge will I take? In what areas will I grow? I’m believing that it will be another “quiet year”, mostly because we are at peace. Our hearts and minds are at peace and it’s in our home. The biggest thing is not feeling anxious anymore, about anything. Sure, we’ve got days that just aren’t fun, but overall, Jesus has truly been our Peace. He’s been our Peace in the Midst of the Storm and our fullness the rest of the time.

So trusting that the major things we lived through this year (deaths, family weddings, births, floods, renovations, financial setbacks) will happen to other people rather than us directly, I know our lives will still be superabundantly blessed because of Jesus and no matter what happens, we’ll be at rest through it all. Cheers!

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