Today if I had to describe how I’m feeling, I’d have to say “content”. Generally, things are good. Could they be better? Definately. Could they be worse? They sure could. But overall, I’m at peace in my heart and mind. I’m enjoying be at home and putting things order, I’m enjoying all the time with my kids and hubby. I’m liking the “quietness” here, being able to read, scrapbook and putter – and mostly just to think. I love this. I love the snow outside, and that I could fill every day with errands and outings, but I’m not overly committed to anything, so on days like today, I can just stay home and “be”.

So here I am, just “being” at home. I’ve dressed & fed the boys (including nursing the baby) both breakfast and lunch, I’ve put dinner in the crock, done a load of laundry, cleaned up the playroom, tidied the bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Done the dishes, put things in order in the cupboards, checked my email and put aside some things for storage, I’ve put up a shelf in the kitchen and updated my daytimer. I’ve quietly enjoyed every moment of it, and it’s only 12:30. Max will go down for a nap, Lucas will get his quiet time, I’ll feed the baby again, and decide what quiet activity I’ll do this afternoon – read? scrapbook? prepare my lesson for Thursday? call a friend? catch Oprah? hmmm – the options are glorious. Overall, the best part of it is that I’m inwardly happy. I’ve adjusted to the fact that everyday I will think of something else that could make life easier, something else to buy/do for the house – but overall, If I just keep living in the quiet moments of the present, I’ll be able to enjoy the here and now so much more, rather than in the ever evasive moments of tomorrow.


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