Business Trips

Otherwise known as strength training and conditioning. Chris’ job takes hime away about a week or more a month on business trips across Canada and the Northeast USA, and during these trips I am left to care for the children on my own. Sometimes the task seems a bit daunting and usually by the end of such trips I’m pretty wiped out, especially if it’s a long one. Lately though, I’m getting pretty good at keeping the boys on a schedule, so even though I miss my hubby a whole whole lot, it’s not because I feel overwhelmed physically, but because he’s my best friend and I miss his company at the end of the day. He’s truly my best friend and though sometimes he drives me crazy with his messy ways (which he has passed down to Max :o); I can truly relax and laugh with Chris like no one else, and he’s inspiring, he believes in me, he encourages me (esp. in my latest endeavour to get in shape) – when he doesn’t come home at the end of the day, everything is just not right.

The boys notice it too, though they don’t say much other than “I miss daddy” – by the end of a trip they are usually pretty “off”; thankfully, it is made better the moment daddy walks through the door. The whole house sighs in relief. So to all the women who have husbands who travel alot, God bless you today! Heaven knows we need it!

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