Alas, another 3 months was swallowed in the faster than I can handle pace that my life has been chugging along at. It’s February already – Carter turned one, Max 3, no holiday blog, no New Years note, no reflections on 6 months without dad, no thoughts on the inauguration of President Obama, though my thoughts on all of them have been vast, many and deep. And I have had the urge to write, I just haven’t.

Last fall, I knew that the pace of my life was going to be faster than previously lived, I chose to savour the moments of life as they came rather than lament over not having the time or energy left to maintain a blog or scrapbook. I did take many pictures, and journalled a bit, so now I can go back and do that. I enjoyed the hugs and the meals, the moments with friends, the crying, the laughing – the frustrations and the exhilerating moments. I went tobogganing and organized the business. I’ve made plans and celebrated the milestones with exhuburance…I’ve treasured my life, my friends, my peace and my hope in the quiet moments and enjoyed the warmth of friendship and love as best I could.

Today we took a sick day. Though none of us is “can’t get out of bed sick” – I kept Lucas, Max and Carter home with me today, because I’ve sensed the past week or so that we all needed a break. We’re all on the cusp of colds, and in need of a little TLC – the snow falling outside (again) was the additional motivation to stay indoors. I promised the boys a nice long bath, and lot’s of cuddles (as well as much needed naps for all of us – though they don’t know about that yet). Chris is in Boston – another trade show, and though the list of “To Do” grows by the minute – today I’ve declared a Home Day, and if I get to that list, great – if not – it’s home day – I’ll only let the outside world in when I’m good and ready.

It’s been a wonderful 3 months. Wonderful.

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