More favs

Feeling down today, have drafted a few blog posts tonight and deleted them, mostly cause I’m tired, and have alot of scattered things on my mind and no one with whom I feel safe enough to discuss them with (this is not a criticsm, just referring to the nature of the subjects). Anyway, more favs:

I love trees.
Yep, they fascinate me. Saplings, Mature, Old, Dead, doesn’t matter. Just love them.
I love them in bud and feel the promise of spring and new life. I love them in summer, listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze, being kissed by the sun while sitting in their shade. I love seeing them when they are in radiant colour, branches touching the ground and while the leaves fall, and playing under their branches, that seem to be reaching out to protect me… but i think my most fav is in the winter, when they are bare (unless they are evergreens which of course are radiant in winter) – but those bare branches…man… love them – they remind me of structural beams – the foundation on which all the beauty of the earth is hung upon.
It’s also fascinating to me that our journey to redemption started with the sin of eating the fruit of a tree and was fulfilled when Christ died upon another tree….

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