Getting it Together

If you want to peek my interest, or get me excited in any way – mention the word ORGANIZATION and then begin to talk about something that helps you stay or get organized, and I am hooked.

I think that the more organized one is, the more they can do and enjoy in a day. I actually schedule rest times in my day – time outs so to speak to just have tea, chat with a friend, play with my kids, etc. You know, those moments that just seem to pass us by? I think they pass us by because we don’t PLAN.
I also believe that being organized does not look the same in every house, or every life, but the fruit is the same. A truly organized person is generally content and at peace most of the time – better yet, it rubs off on those around them. They will have peaceful homes and pretty balanced kids most of the time. I must re-iterate that no one is perfect and everyone experiences “dis”organization at times – at the hands of someone else, or their own folly. 🙂 However, I find for organized people, this is not as often.
I also believe that how we do anything is how we do everything. If you organize your time (daily schedule/calendar), it will be effected by how you organize your home, your office, your family, your meals, your holidays, etc. which in turn effects how much you enjoy your life.

I also believe that to stay organized, one must have two non-negotiable skills – flexibility and discernment. Flexibility is a necessity because in life – things are CONSTANTLY changing, and we have to be able to go with the flow – and keep organized. Discernment is needed to be able to know when to stick with something, and when to adjust. Furthermore – knowing how to adjust to the change. The kicker is, that usually just as you’ve gotten something in order… life throws some change at you, to challenge that order. We all have choices, we can progressively get angrier and angrier and develop health issues, or we can complain and fall down and cry all the time – thereby alienating our friends (aka support system) or we can roll with the punches, adjust and later, laugh about it over coffee.
So at the risk of sounding to “preachy” – I am just so very very passionate about organization – it’s almost an obsession… there’s just something so amazing about making sense of chaos… there i go again… anyways, I’m sure that there will be more blogs on this to come…
Some of my favourite organizing tools? Here you go:
IKEA Home Organizing Systems
Though I still don’t own one in entirety, I love these systems and drool over the catalogue as well as take my time in this department of the store.
Mabel’s Label’s are a must for keeping track of “Stuff” everything from your bins, spices, tubs in the kitchen or laundry room, wires behind the tv, clothes, kids stuff, etc.

Polestar Planners – for planning your life out, this is the best agenda I’ve come across. My personal favourite is the version simply titled Polestar Planner. Though I like the Family Planner Format, I find that I like the smaller size, and the content versatility because I also work part time and own a business.
For organizing the “extras” is a great resource, and this book by a similar title, but not the same author was something I picked up years ago and have used repeatedly. I just created my own forms on the computer that I print out:
For Family-Traditions/ Holidays Organizing – I love Emilie Barnes Books and Website:
I also love Sarah Ban Breathnach – Simple Abundance – for scheduling moments to enjoy life, the seasons and the people in it.
Specifically for Christmas, I purchased this book last year, and LOVE IT. Simplify the Holidays
Finally, to organize the kids: Accountable Kids – it pretty much speaks for itself.

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