Out of the Habit

So, it’s been awhile, not that I haven’t opened my blog intending to write, I have, and then stared at the blank page, and everything I wanted to write about flew out of my head, and this weird emotional blockage happened…I knew I wanted to write, needed to write…but couldn’t. Was I just out of the habit – not too sure about that…

So, here I am, facing this same situation, and for some reason I have the strength today to push through it.
We’re 4 days into summer vacation, and I’m feeling…huh…. alot. I’m excited to not have a schedule, and yet, the same fact scares me. I’m excited to spend endless hours with my kids, and getting back into the home groove (my work hours are switched to one morning, and 2 evenings a week :); having said that, I keep telling myself to savour the small victories (weeding my beloved garden in an hour last night; seeing the cucumbers and tomatoes growing already; staying on top of the endless housework better; getting to read some more fiction with less interruptions kind of; progress at work ) and not focus so much on the incredibly short amount of time to get too much done.
So I choose today to be thankful. I am thankful for mom-friends who don’t judge the housework that wasn’t done nor make comments about the cobwebs. I am thankful for easy summer dinners and yummy salads. I am thankful for my newly decorated sunroom where I can lounge while the kidlets play. I am thankful for my beautiful mom and sisters – that we have a family that just loves us, the way we are. I am thankful for naptime and thence “me-time”. I am thankful for the people I count as friends, and that they love me despite all my flaws as there sure do seem to be a lot of them some days very obvious. I am thankful for Niagara – I love, love, love living here. I am grateful to live in Canada. To have the blessings of this nation everyday. I am thankful for Julie, that I have been able to entrust time away from my kids into her care for so long…life has been worry free in that area simply because she’s been in it. I love my church – they’ve loved me and helped me grow for more than a decade – and thereby I love my job – and that to quote an email to a dear friend I get to work with future leaders. To help anyone – especially kids and young people discover their potential and believe in themselves, and get a start in growing toward that. Every day feels like another opportunity to work on the future – while spending more time with my kids and making our family life more enjoyable because it’s flexible to my life, and it can develop as we do.
Lot’s to be grateful for, and I truly am. Happy Canada Day!

One thought on “Out of the Habit

  1. Chanti says:

    I am thankful for you being a strong leader, a mentor, and someone who has challenged me to expect more and live bolder. I am grateful in turn for all the love and wisdom you pour into the kids' lives and my own. I see the progress they are making and it is beautiful. I can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of the summer. Love you Mama T. 🙂

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