It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I love fall, every year since having the boys I am loving summer more and more; the extra time with them, the outside time, camping, all of it. This year I even questioned myself if perhaps my new affinity for summer would overtake my lifelong love of fall…

and then the calendar turned…
and all the old familiar loves came rushing back to me…
Autumn is here and my soul rejoices!
I love it when Labour Day comes a bit later, it like getting a whole week of “prep”time and “letting go of summer” time since school in Ontario starts the day after Labour Day.
Because of how hot it has been, my garden is almost done, which is unusual. There is some lettuce, spinach and green beans left and the eggplant which I planted late, as well as a few tomatoes. I had to harvest 3 pumpkins already, but the Indian corn is not ready yet, so the porch display must wait. This is ok with me, one thing at a time I say.
I bought a pumpkin pie candle the other day…and lit it, smells heavenly.
I also pulled out all the recipe books to earmark favourites as I do up our meal plans. though I still will not “cook” heavily until the heat is gone, I want to cook…and bake.
I also feel like pulling out all the warm fuzzy stuff, but that’s just ridiculous I know. So the pumpkin candle will have to do for now.
So we’re wrapping up the last days of summer vacation, and I’m trying to enjoy it – though it seems the boys really really need to get back into school, so they can have some time APART. I’m really trying to enjoy these last few days…

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