A New Season

I’ve said it before in this blog, and I’m likely to say it again and again.

I love fall.
I love the freshness. It is a second New Year, without the pressure. It is for me and my life right now, a new season. I was told today that I looked rested and settled…happy and pretty. What a great thing to be told…. better yet, to actually feel all those things too. How great is that? To have been through a hard time, with all it’s dirt and grit and roughness, and to pass through another season which clears it all away… only to be left with a season for celebrating. Celebrating life… with gratitude. It’s… perfect.
Last Sunday, day before Labour Day, my sister and her hubby hosted a great big, fun, fun, FUN party at their country home. Pot Luck yumminess, pork skewers on the BBQ, an amazing live band, bonfire, games for everyone, the kids running around enjoying the last of it… It was the best way to end our summer.
It was sweater weather, some even had blankets, but it was perfect for me who for once decided to be chatty cathy and mill around quite a bit catching up with everyone. We watched the sun go down and the sky was glorious, the reds and oranges melting into deep purples and blues. The smell of harvest was rich in the crisp air, as was the laughter.
The next day, I let myself be overcome by the ” fall nesting frenzy”.
For me, it’s a process that spans about 2 weeks. It then gets refined again for Canadian Thanksgiving in October, and then again post Halloween into the Holiday Season.
It begins with LISTS – what to purge, what to clean, what to organize. I try to start in my imagination. What atmosphere do I want my home to provide my family this season? Usually it’s peace, coziness, calmness, warmth and safety. I’d love my home to be the number one choice for where my family to wants to be. Our little heaven on earth.
So, I began clearing away the lovely summer things, saying goodbye to the summer memories again as each item is cleared… I also use this time to decide weather to change the primary colour of the main living spaces… I learned a trick years back about using neutrals on the main elements like the walls, furniture, etc, and then bringing in colour with the accessories like cushions, drapes, books, etc. I chose the colours that inspire me for fall-winter and spring-summer, and then change them out or combine them as needed. In the summer it’s the teal/ turquoise/ whites and also the really fresh greens on whites. The formal living room is usually whites, greys & browns – I love using natural elements like shells, driftwood, stones, feathers, etc.
In the fall-winter I usually switch the blues/ greens with deep reds and plums. I also love using the natural elements in the fall winter, but it’s reflective of what I’d find at that time of year: pinecones, twigs, etc. This year I’m working orange into both areas for the fall and haven’t decided what to do with the turquoise yet, or for that matter, what I’ll do for the holidays. But that’s ok, I’m going with the flow this year… letting my heart and creativity guide me. While I love the clean look of the silvers and whites that’s is so trendy right now, its just not what my family and I need this year… we need warmth and softness for fall 2010.
To inspire my creativity, I thought I’d create my Autumnal Alphabet and share it:
Allegheny Mountain Memories
Brisk Autumn Breezes
Crunchy Leaves
Drinking tea, hot chocolate or Pumkins Spice Lattes
Empty Field, Full Pantry
Fireside Talks
Hay Rides
Inspired Decorating and Cooking
Jars of Preserves
Knit Sweaters
Long Hikes in the Woods
Markets…as in Farmer’s Markets
Niagara Parkway – the prettiest fall drive in the area
Oaks, Elms, Maples – October, November and September
Pot Luck Dinners
Quiet Moments
Rich Vibrant Colours Everywhere
Scented Candles
Under Starry Skies
Veggies that I grew and Harvested myself
Windy afternoons
Xtra Blankets
Yellow Harvest Moons
Zipping Up the Jackets
I love fall, and I’m in love with my life all over again.
I’m linking this to the Fall Nesting Party, so you can be further inspired the way I have been.

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