Bachelor Apt Makeover by Jodi

Ok, so here’s the scoop. I ALWAYS forget to take before pictures. The one and only time I did is for this makeover that my dear dear friend Jodi did, in my house.
This is Jodi.
Rather it is me smootching Jodi.
Jodi is a photographer among many talents. She took the after photos (and probably on my blog any photos that look amazing – she would have taken). To find out more about Jodi look here, here or here.
It’s handy having a photographer as a best friend. 🙂
Back to the reno…
It is actually a bachelor apartment that is over our garage. We currently rent it out to our friend Steve. Before Jodi got her hands on it, it looked like this (the former tenants left it like this actually. I had taken the pictures to keep on file if they ever tried to come back and say we took stuff that we didn’t… anyways, yes, it really wasn’t much to look at, and after said sloppy tenants, well, it needed serious help, Jodi felt we could NOT let our dear Steve move into it in this condition…

really truly, gross.
See the purple on the wall? ya, the tenant left it partially painted like that…
with the striping on this wall… all i can say is… hmmm.

And after Jodi got her lovely hands on it, well…it speaks for itself.

Remember the bathroom with purple on one side and stripes on the other…


And Steve moved in, and we’ve all lived happily ever after 🙂
The End.
I almost forgot to link to Centsational Girls Linky Party which is why I did this post in the first place. Sheesh!


3 thoughts on “Bachelor Apt Makeover by Jodi

  1. Tammara says:

    Estelle – Well, if I told you how Steve responded he may be a tad embarassed 🙂 but seriously, it was so awesome to bless him! Thanks for being part of the project.

    Julie – I love your house (and Carter sure does) but you'll have to coax Jodi's skillz on your own – one hint, if you scratch her back, she'll always scratch yours back 🙂 I know she's got a big studio remodel going on… 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Can Jodi come over to my house?
    I need something to happen soon. Its a little on the… how do it put this gingerly… ITS A KID PSYCHO-TRIP HOUSE train wreck!!

  3. Estelle says:

    WOW!! I remember when Jodi did this and she came and got a few things from me. I never did see the end result until just now! It looks amazing, and yes..Jodi is a woman of incredible talent! So awesome! I bet Steve was surprised and loved it!

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