Snow Day!!!

Today was a SNOW DAY. Our first. I love snow days.
However, we found out at 7 am. The boys were already up… no sleep in today…sigh.
We had Oatmeal and Yogurt for breaky.

I spent a good chunk of the AM surfing:

I surfed across this…again. Ask me how happy this show made me in December? I could watch/ listen to this group over and over and over….and over.
Anyways, back to my Snow Day.
We stayed in our PJs until noon.
I caught up with 3 friends and 1 out of 4 sisters via phone and messaging.
I had a bath.
I read this book.
Motherhood: The Guilt That Keeps On Giving
It was very good. Very timely for me.

We watched TV and DVR; the boys took turns on
I took my homemade laundry soap out to the van. (this is a feat in itself – usually hubby does this)
We had homemade soup for lunch. (the boys preferred KD)
We went outside to enjoy the beauty.
We shovelled the driveway.
It took forever.
The boys quit after 3 scoops.
I broke a sweat. I persevered.
We had a nap.
I had several herbal teas. current favs: Pumpkin Spice and Bengal Spice.
We had chicken nuggets for dinner.
The boys went to Awana. I got groceries and went to a prayer meeting.
Hubby picked up kids from Awana and put them to bed.
I put away the groceries. Had another tea. Read inspiring blogs.
I put out the garbage.
It was an incredible day. Time for bed. J

Now please tell me: How was your day? If you had a snow day, what would you do with it?

One thought on “Snow Day!!!

  1. Jim Swindle says:

    Your first photo of this series, the one looking out the window, is outstanding. I live in near Houston, Texas, so haven't had any snow days lately. We did have some cold weather and ice.

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