3 in 30 Encouragement

It’s Words of Encouragement Week… (I was late last week, but made it this week! yay)
So, my goals for January were:

1. Stick to the meal/exercise plan which will help me lose the weight.

2. Drink eight glasses of water a day.

3. Finish 2 of my 10 Winter Goals for work.

How’d it go THIS WEEK?

Point One: Another Choppy Week for me in the food/exercise goal… ahead another week, a fresh new start. I tried to do my xbox kinect exercise program and hit a glitch which rendered me useless. Need to find another way to exercise in the great white north…

Point Two: I’ve been pretty much on track with this, but need to amp it up a bit more.

Point Three: Another very good week, I got a lot done off my lists despite many meetings that limited my time, and I also managed to get alot done at home too.

Again, in the goal area it’s been up and down, but in the living and loving area, I’ve had another good week. I finished another book, only blew up at the husband once, I visited with friends and loved on my kids, cooked 3 really good dinners (and had leftovers twice) stayed caught up at home, had a couple good thinking/praying/ breathing times…

What encouraged me this week? that first book I read:

By Julie Barnhill

Led me to attend this event that I heard about:

During which I spent some good time with my mom. Always encouraging.




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