3 in 30 – February Goals

3 in 30 – January Wrap Up & February Goals

So, what are your “Closing Comments?

I really like the concept of three small goals in 30 days. I was only somewhat successful, i thinkI need to break down my food and exercise plan into even smaller goals and then maybe I will have more success.

What is your overall reaction to this month?
Just being aware of the goals at regular intervals (ie. Fridays) helped me to break down all kinds of other things. Here I am at the end of January and I feel very much on top of things at home again, that I’ve made substantial steps in the right direction for 2011 and I’m optimistic about the year knowing I’m taking it one month at a time J

Looking Ahead:

What are your three goals for February?

I’m adjusting my goals to fit into 3 categories:
1. Something that needs to be done daily (or 5 out of 7 days)
2. A one time practical job that needs to get done off the overall 2011 list.
3. A personal/creative project – one time or ongoing.

1. Make lunches for EVERYONE the night before.
2. Organize the Office (again), especially the library.
3. Start to work on my writing again.

Plan of Attack
1. Make sure I’ve stocked the house with items that make it easier. Perhaps even make a “plan” to get me started. Put it on the fridge so I see it.

2. Set a date for Office Overhaul (2 days). Create system for filing, get boxes for the “donate” and “trash” piles, etc. Have a plan for making the room “pretty” so I will use the space and the hubster will not treat it like another “man space”. Do a Goodwill run at the end of the 2 days.
3. Pull out my notebooks, etc. Create a “master” journal/file to pull things together and just get to it. Make a vision board, so I am more inspired each day to think on it and write – try to get started the first week, since hubby will be in Boston that week (one less lunch to pack, less fussy dinners, etc).

Hopefully I have not overloaded myself, but I think I can pull these things off this month. J

One thought on “3 in 30 – February Goals

  1. Ashley Pichea says:

    I like your plan of attack and categories for your goals! It sounds like you made progress, even if not perfecting your goals, during January, and that's success in my book! 🙂

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