Top Ten from January 2011

Top Ten from January 2011:
1. Fort Day – we built a massive fort in the living room and left it up for 3 days. Everyone used it together and separately, Chris and I even watched a movie in it since all the chairs were out of the way. It was cozy.
2. Snow Day – we had two this year. They were awesome. I wrote about the first one here.
3. Max’s Birthday Party – though it was for his 5th which was in 2010 – we celebrated with his friends on the 22nd. It was awesome celebrating him.

4. Shared Bday dinner with Lisa VanTol – my friend since 1994. Love that girl. Her bday is Jan 9th, mine February 14th – so we go out on Jan. 27th – right in between both.
5. Winter Hike with Max’s SK class to Burgoyne Woods. Love that place. It was freezing cold, but lots of fun. Loved getting to know the other moms that helped out.
6. Was inspired talking to Wanita May, one of the other moms on the field trip. She was inspired to write some novels after her father passed away, and now she’s getting published. You never know until you just go for it, and life is too short not to go for it. Thanks Wanita!
7. I really enjoyed teaching in the Kids Club this month. We joined together with the Jr. Youth and it was so cool seeing them work together with the younger kids and to just be there to witness the energy and interest in the things of God.

8. We worked a lot on one of our properties that was left in a disastrous state. We (along with some help from our friends) got it painted, renovated, cleaned and rented out again. We also managed to rent out the basement at that property and the basement at the property we live in now.

9. Working with an exterminator at our home, and not seeing any mice (or feces) for over a month now – woot!
10. Joining the 3 in 30 challenge blog. Working on 3 goals in 30 days (ie – a month) and having the accountability and fuel to keep at it.

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