Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big day at our house. Since we are pretty affectionate people, it is one of our favourite holidays, but it is also my birthday so we really celebrate!
Here is a play by play of how we celebrated…

First we purchase the “supplies” aka favourite valentine candy
‘deck the halls’ in the days leading up to the BIG day:
Then we make valentines for the kids classes (no pics) and the “treats” for the class parties (also no pics) and my friends…
This year I did not feel like hosting a big party, and we are on a strict budget for investing reasons, so we didn’t want to go out (plus we actually enjoy celebrating with our kids) – so I decided to have coffee at Starbucks (a treat) with some girlfriends (who didn’t have to work) while my good friend Julie watched Carter for me at her daycare. We had such a lovely inspiring visit Y (and they gave me some very lovely…you know me kind of gifts – Thanks again!)
I must also mention that I have a couple of longstanding friends with whom I celebrate our combined birthdays on the date in between our bdays (one end of Jan and one end of Feb) – i love this tradition and I love these girls.
We decide on our menu a week ahead and who will cook it (hubby always offers – but I truly enjoy cooking, so it’s more a treat for me to cook without kids underfoot)
My Firstborn took this pic of the cook J

This year’s menu:
Strawberry Spinach salad with almonds, red onion and feta
with my secret salad dressing & Garlic Toasts

Chicken Breast Tourtinere’s (bacon wrapped chicken breast rounds)
Steamed Green Beans with Red Peppers

Fettucini with Rose sauce (hubby’s request)
How much do I LOVE this lovely red bowl with hearts YYY on it!!! Thank you Jodi Taylor for the bday gift!
Dessert: Double Delicious Skor Trifle (recipe post to follow) & Fruit Tray

We wear red,

I open gift(s)
This year i got the XBOX Kinect Zumba (yay)

and a love letter. (my only request)

Hubby puts on the soft music, we light candles, we eat.
We do the Birthday thing…
He cleans up (such a treat); draws me a bubble bath (another treat) and puts the boys to bed (need I say more?) then I get to choose the movie (we went with The Kings Speech – AWESOME)…the rest of the night is….
none of your business J

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