Favourite Things – Some New Reads

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my reading habits, I read ALOT, I read FAST and I MIX it up between fiction, non-fiction and classics – at random. I usually have between 3 and 7 books on the go at the same time…and yes, I usually finish them (unless I’m bored or find it is not delivering what it promised content-wise). I tend to read as much fiction as anything else because it has helped me learn to read faster (which is a must for a mom), and if I’m just not digging the book, I can quit it guilt free. I can also buy fiction for cheap at thrift stores, and will borrow – whereas most reference or non-fiction books I like to have my own copy as I will write in them, underline, highlight, refer back to and yes, re-read as needed.
People ask WHEN do I have time to read… my answer…how can you NOT prioritize reading? I read in the van while waiting for the bell to ring. I have a stack of books by the toilet (out of flushing range of course) so whenever I’m in there; I read before bed; I read often when I should be cleaning, and I read while sitting in the living room while the boys are watching there fav shows, i usually have a book in my purse, and one in the van… I make it very easy for myself to find time to read.
OK, so here’s the skinny on what I’ve just finished, am reading or about to read (as in, it’s in possession)

Loved Power Down – it was fast paced, required learning some new vocab and despite some foul language it was a great read. Since I love Vince Flynn and his recommendation was so high, it was an obvious pick.
Recommended by a random guy at Value Village – I really enjoyed this novel – though it was at times quite lurid and used a lot of profanity… I liked the characters and it moved quick, plus it takes place in Europe so of course I liked it.

I love Sarah. I think I’ve read all of her books. Simple Abundance was life-changing for me, and since the topic of this one is particularly applicable in this season of my life, I just had to get it. It has very SHORT chapters, which I love for books that are meant to get you thinking about your life… I’m about 5 chapters in and loving it.
I also love Emilie. She is a seasoned mom, wife and Christian. I picked up one of her books on organizing years ago at the airport in Minneapolis and found in her a kindred spirit regarding family and home. I found this on a clearance rack in South Carolina last week, so I picked it up. It’s great.
My current re-read. Read this years ago, just after I’d had Lucas. Have been feeling I needed a refresher (especially since I’m exploring Homeschooling and Dr. Dobson talks about boys and school in the book – chapter 13)
Found this at The Book Depot (side note – is not this one of the BEST places in the Niagara region?!) oh my gosh, the hours I have spent in the bargain sections – racks and racks of new books for $1-5.00… anyways, in my research I thought I’d check out what was available for homeschoolers at The Book Depot – and well, there’s a TON!

My current food reference thanks to Jodi who gave me this terrific find for my bday last month. I’m loving it (even just to look at the pics and be inspired)

I was looking for this book Click to see a larger image of WEIRD by Craig Groeschel by Craig Groeschel while in South Carolina – but alas they did not have it yet – so I got this one

instead, and I’m stuck on chapter one (because it gives you homework, and well, that requires serious comittment to sit down and “think” about my life, my vision, rather God’s vision, etc. and since I’m yet again in ANOTHER season of change (I know, you who have been with me awhile, are thinking what the heck!? – yeah, explanations to follow in future post)
I’ve been using this guide with my gardening for the past year, and I love it. It’s the coolest, it is more of a journal/text book, so not a sit down read all at once type book, but one that stays on my desk and I return to it again and again. Since I’ve been purchasing seeds and planning my summer plantings, I pulled it out again this past week.
Finally, here’s the latest fiction I’m reading. Wicked – The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. for some reason the title did not transfer over when the image did – weird.
It’s pretty self explanatory J
So, that’s it for now. t

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