3 in 30 April Week Three & Four

APRIL WEEK TWO – Encouragement and Looking Ahead

Well, as you can tell, i missed last Fridays Check In I’m doing two weeks worth in this post…

  1. Something that needs to be done daily (Stop, Start or Continue)

Go for a walk, or some form of exercise each day, as I continue to drink more water. This goal has been a bit of a hit and miss,
we’ve had rain and I’ve been very unmotivated, I chose to stay in
and read…ALOT.


One time practical project that needs to be knocked off the 2011 list.

Paint the Downstairs Bathroom
Again I have not done this because of the reading…


Personal Creative Project

Bake bread (from scratch); Up my blogging to twice a week consistently.
I did attempt braided Easter Bread, I’m doubting it will turn out as it didn’t seem to be rising properly.
I also did not up my blogging, but I plan on it.

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