My latest read

Loved this one. When I thought I couldn’t take much more “revolution”; I got some more.

This was enthralling, like the days long ago when I read a good romance, but better, because it’s real…
I’ve fallen into a deeper love with God and the Bible and the great romance between Christ and his Bride the church.
It’s awakened a love for the books of Genesis and Revelation. Truly books I’ve thought were too “advanced” or “mysterious” for me…
It’s made me want to go back through some of the classics from when I was in Bible College. Authors like Watchman Nee, Bonhoffer and E W Kenyon.
It’s also made me want to read some of the works for Myles Monroe on the Kingdom. I remember my mom and sister telling me about it, and this seems very similar. Nothing like a recurring theme in revelation.
I love a book that challenges me not to swallow what it’s saying, but to dig deeper. So so so good, especially after all the other books I’ve been reading.
I’m also still reading A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren. I love books that ask questions. I love asking questions and growing through searching for the answers. I love how in God “everything works together”.
Finally, as a family we’ve been reading The Magicians Nephew by CS Lewis. Need I say more? Awesome!

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