"Moving Days"

I write this hestitantly because I don’t want a deluge of invites to come in over the next few weeks, but it must be said.

I Love helping people move.
I realized this truth this weekend helping my sister and her family move. They moved into one of our first homes, and we honestly LOVED that house. It was overflowing with memories, family gatherings, cherished pets, our first baby, my father in law’s happy twilight years by the pond, just so many great times. I’m happy for them to be able to create their own memories in such a great house, making it their home. I’m also kind of selfishly happy that my boys will know the house in their own way, as their cousins house. The house had gone through quite alot of abuse since we lived in it – and as we were moving them in, it seemed to sigh a happy sigh of relief J.
To me, there’s an incredible sense of community and connection helping people move. All the “stuff” that represents the life they’ve been building is in boxes. The new house is not just a new place, but representative of a new chapter, a fresh start, new neighbours, new hopes. How could I not love being part of the process of moving people? It’s also full of energy, the friends and family that pitch in, the kids running around discovering the nooks and cranies only a child can fully appreciate. The guys using their brawn and brains to get those difficult and heavy items in through the odd shaped doors and stairways (sighJ). The ladies figuring out where things should go (at least until they begin to settle themselves and get a feel for what works/looks/feels best – but to make that transition easier – setting up the rooms, and making finding living and decor items easy to find is such a great thing! (of course the more organized the people moving are, the more pleasant this experience is). Its a day filled with laughter, frustrations, teamwork, creativity, co-operation, eating off paper plates and scrambling to find a place to sit amid the boxes – the sense of community is just so great – and I guess right now, my soul is really appreciating God’s design for us to be communities, to demonstrate His life, His love, His son Jesus – and to “partake” together. I look forward to the next time I can help someone move.J
(I remember once we moved during a snowstorm – craziness, but what memories – and what great heroes who helped in spite of it.)
to top it all off, there was a golden sunset last night (supposedly it represents the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul).
Here’s my attempt at capturing it on the side of the highway driving home (I know, dangerous – but it was glorious) J

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