The Homeschool Room

I’m a few weeks behind all the blogs about Homeschool Rooms, but then again, I was behind them on just about everything, and I’m ok with that. I tell myself, A – I just started on this journey and B – most of them are Americans, and they all go back to school earlier than us anyways. I started schooling the boys (gently) this week – a little bit of this and that, easing them (and myself) into it. So far, so good. But I do realize, whoa, this is gonna require some serious effort from me.

Along with the fact that I’ve always worked, and as long as I’ve had the boys, I’ve almost always gone back to part time work in the fall. It’s been weird these past couple of weeks because mentally I know I’m not going back to work this fall (possibly ever); but also, it’s felt so good, that I feel like someone is going to take it away from me – like “haha, just kidding, vacation is over – you’ve got to scramble bc you have to work afterall). So it’s a cross between feeling like I’m not organized, or playing hooky…. kind of up in the air, but I’m not. This is it.
So, here’s my tour of the Heaslip Homestead Academy: ( pics from last week, so I’ve done quite a few adjustments since we’ve started)
We converted the Play Room, to the School Room (though they still play in there, because my philosophy goes along with this…
“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” Joseph Chilton Pearce
We also use the kitchen table, the back yard, the front yard and the family room, but we always start our school day in the room.
Outside of the School Room I moved a little used armoire to become my “supply cabinet”; has homeschooling resources for mom and curriculum and some extra supplies.
It also has the Dress up Coat Rack beside it. We always freak out thinking some random person is hovering in the shadows when walking by the hall.
This is what you see when you look into the room…

and when you turn around
and around.
This is the closet in the room, holds more reading books and the toys that were not lost in the “Great Purge of 2011”

Love this little antique desk that Geepa Jim and Nana Jo found for CJ – he thinks it’s pretty cool to be in “school” now with his own desk.

This is our Library bag for our weekly trips.

And this is Mom Central: I do some prep here, some research and everything else needed to run the household well; it of course is in the Kitchen. J

One thought on “The Homeschool Room

  1. Estelle says:

    WOW! This is my first look at your school room! It looks like a REAL school (except nicer)!!! Once again, you've completely impressed me with your organizational skills, Tammara! 🙂 (our school “area” is much less distinguished-looking – lol)

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