Enjoying the Season Day 10 – Thankfulness List 2011

Week 2 Autumn Traditions

Day 10 Thankfulness List 2011

The Small Stuff

1. Catching a “wiff of wonderful” when I open my tea/coffee cupboard and the smells surround me in the early morning
2. When people comment on my blogs
3. Toothpaste, deodorants and perfumes. Sometime people smell and it ain’t nice.
4. Living 3 minutes from the border (literally) and being able to fill up the gas tank and the refrigerator for a fraction of the Canadian prices.
5. Neighbour Dan and his family (and lawnmower)
6. Home made Soup
7. Seeing the dog poop in the yard before stepping in it.
8. My sister Stephy’s hospitality and ability to plan for the kids even though she doesn’t have any of her own yet J
9. Amazing family photos, especially of those who’ve passed on ahead of us
10. When people like my cooking and take seconds.
11. Seeing the Salmon running in the streams…in Niagara. Very cool.
12. When my three year old boy says, I love you so much mommy!
13. When my five year old boy will randomly stop playing and run up just to give me a hug.
14. Bunk Beds
15. The library lady who smiles when we come in.
16. My mom’s Rice Pudding and/or Greek cookies. Come on Christmas!
17. Discounted anything, but especially pretty shoes and costume jewellery
18. Eating veggies I grew, or bought from Bartel’s
19. When our mechanic says it’ll be less than half of what we thought it would be
20. Calling my sister and hearing her kids screaming louder than mine in the background.

The Big Stuff
1. New Beginnings in my life and heart.
2. My home
that it is large enough have more than one guest stay at a time
3. My 316 Titanium Stainless Cookware
They’ve revolutionized how I cook and feed my family

4. That we live in Niagara
5. When my seven year old boy still wants to hold my hand.
6. My little and big home schooling groups and the friends that are in them.
7. My Husband – I know how lucky I am to be adored, to be supported and believed in.
8. My family – those born into it by blood or faith.
9. That my life has never been boring
10. That the majority of my time right now is spent with my kids and that I am finding I really really like them as people and am becoming better person by being with them so much.
…and Ultimately that I encountered God at 14 & took the path less travelled.
There we go, another fall tradition down. Love this season! Does anyone else keep a tradition like this one? Let me know, I’d love to read them J

He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart.
~J.A. Shedd

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