Day 16 – Holiday Baking Exchange

Week Three How to ENJOY Entertaining

Day 16 A Holiday Baking Exchange

I think this is simply one of the smartest things you can participate in at the beginning of the Holiday Season. I personally have attended one since the year I got married – so 13 years now. It’s a time saver, and a little bit of work for a big pay off.

At first we only exchanged cookies, but over the years we’ve found it to be more useful to just have it open to treats served during the holidays. We’ve had everything from Chex party mix to caramel corn to home made vanilla extract, to Christmas Morning Muffin Mix jars, to breads, pies, cakes, squares/brownies, candies, fudge and of course cookies. It helps to have a variety of treats on hand for parties, small get togethers and even to doll out in fancy containers as last minute hostess gifts. I freeze the majority of my goodies in the freezer in my garage, that way no one “raids the Cookie jar” unnecessarily.

If you don’t know of any that already take place, why don’t you start one? Invite 4-10 ppl (however many batches you are ready to make of one treat)

PS – another fun way to get some baking done is to do it with a friend. Pull out fav recipes, buy the ingredients, pick a kitchen and go to town. Split the fruits your labour. Voila, your board is full and you are ready to entertain.


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