Fully Enjoying the Season – Day 17 – Is the Guest Room Ready?

Week Three How to ENJOY Entertaining

Day 17 Is the Guest Room Ready?
I”m posting this today with full knowledge that we probably will have guests this Christmas and also, having just said goodbye to a guest who was with us for a month. Upon starting to clean the room I discovered a mess of gigantic proportions, not from our guest but from an unwelcome problem that’s been growing in the wall!!! That’s right, we have a leak somewhere and mould is growing. Emergency measures have been taken, but now we’ve got to deal with this problem before I can even THINK of making the room nice again, or have guests with an anxiety free conscience. Anyways, I’ve included some ideas I’ve collected on what’d I do if I weren’t in emergency mode regarding the said guest room.
I love these Style at Home ideas.

Country Living
And I also love these ideas by Coral Nafie.

Country Living

· The Best Bed Your Money Can Buy

Don’t give your guest the oldest, most saggy mattress you have. If you can’t afford a new or good used bed, think about getting a quality air mattress. They’re really quite comfortable and can be placed on top of a box spring, over a sofa bed mattress, or on the floor.

· Bedding Upgrades

Beyond clean bedding, think about adding wonderful bed linens and comfort items often supplied by fine B&B’s: a featherbed mattress topper, a choice of pillows, a cozy down comforter, extra blankets, and freshly ironed pillowcases.

· Fresh Linens

Always have an extra set of bed and bath linens available for your guests. Accidents DOhappen! Or you may have one of those wonderful guests who insists on changing the sheets when they leave. Let them do it! And thank them profusely!

· A Place to Set Down a Suitcase

Clear a space to put a luggage rack or a small table or bench to set down a suitcase. No one likes to have to stoop over to the floor to pull out a clean pair of socks. Even a chair is better than nothing!

· Clear the Decks

Resist the temptation to put your beautiful collection of dolls on the dresser or fill the closet with out-of-season clothes. In a guest room, less is more–more space, more comfortable, and more welcoming. Get rid of anything that you would not find in the room of a fine hotel. Keep only the most useful items in the room, like a clock and calendar.

· A Comfy Place to Sit

Some people absolutely do not sit on a bed! And your guests shouldn’t have to. Place an upholstered armchair or side chair in the room with a table and lamp close by.

· Good Lighting

It always amazes me when I walk into an otherwise nice hotel room and there’s no light to read by! It’s always nice to have a light control near the bed, so your guest won’t have to stumble around in the dark, just to turn a light on. If nothing else, provide a good reading light near a chair or over the bed. Another fixture or lamp near the desk would be great. A small night light is helpful and a lighted magnifying make-up mirror is a real luxury!

· Hanging Clothes Storage

If your guest room shares space with a home office, clear at least a foot or two of pole space in the closet. Or purchase an inexpensive over-the-door hook that can accommodate some hanging clothes. Don’t forget a supply of 6 or 8 hangers. A simple hook on the wall or behind a closet door can hold a robe, coat, or a purse.

· Drawer Space

If you have an extra chest of drawers, how perfect! But at least clear out one or two drawers for small items. Both you and your guest will feel better with odds and ends out of sight.


Simple Basics

I need to have a lighted clock next to my bed. An alarm clock or clock/radio is even better. Provide paper and pens or pencils, scissors, tape, tissue, and a hair dryer and have all the bases covered. If you don’t have an extra iron and ironing board to offer, be sure to tell your guest where they can find yours. A phone in the room will be a much-appreciated bonus item. How about a pre-paid phone card and instructions on how to use it?

· Provide Privacy

You might know that the big maple tree just outside the window camouflages everything going on, but your guest won’t. Choose window coverings that not only add to the character of the room, but provide privacy and light control, as well. If you must keep it simple, a nice blind can offer works great. You can always add a beautiful valance or side panels later.

PS – THE STYLE AT HOME OCTOBER ISSUE IS OUT!!!!!!!!!! EEEK! So pretty. Every year I usually only buy the Nov-December issues of SAH because I love the rest of the year issues, I can get away with just reading them in the store, but the holiday ones need to come home and be read over and over- the ideas are so fun and so Canadian!!!

One thought on “Fully Enjoying the Season – Day 17 – Is the Guest Room Ready?

  1. Kayleen says:

    I don’t know what yo71u82&#;re talking about. That all looks very nice and organized to me. You have calendars, you decorated a Christmas tree, and you do laundry. That’s awesome. Congrats on finishing the manuscript. Can’t wait to read it!

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