Fully Enjoying the Seaon Day 21 Have a Plan

Week Three How to ENJOY Entertaining

Day 21 Have a Plan

I have a philosophy for planning.

“Nothing happens that’s worthwhile that wasn’t preceded by a plan.”

I have a plan for most things. Not all of them are written down on paper, but by and large they are in my head and I’ve given them thought. From the big things like – “What kind of people I want my children to grow up to be?” to “What will our finances look like in 5, 10 and 25 years?” to the small ones “where to buy groceries this week, and what will our meals be?” and “how will I get this laundry done today?”

Most people who know me think I’m super organized, but those who really know me, know that I am often scattered in my thinking, my schedule and my life. My kids, my husband, my DOG and my teenage borders have a way of turning perfectly normal days into chaos without even trying. I am often late for things – though I ABSOLUTELY HATE being late…usually because of this scattering. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to pull it together, there are too many other people and factors pulling on my priorities.

One thing that does help me get through these seasons, and that helps me keep it in perspective and to enjoy the process, is that I am an obsessive PLANNER. I review the plan for things in my head – and often on paper…OFTEN.

I am fully aware of my priorities…


In this order.

My God, My family, My extended family, my ♥ friends, the family of faith, my other friends and the rest of the universe.

So I try to plan to cultivate and bless those relationships…on purpose.

I believe other people are much better at cultivating relationships than me, and I like to learn from them. They are my heroes. So I add that element to the overall plan. I try to set aside time for people as they leave room open for me. I refuse to push myself onto people, it’s this weird thing I’ve always been prone to. I back off if I feel like I have to try to hard…

It’s just my way.

Anyways, the PLAN.

If I want to enjoy the Autumn season – I plan. What would I love to do, what would be nice to do, what MUST I do and then try to schedule, make room for and invite others to participate in.

If I’m going to host a party, then I plan before the invites. How big should we go? What food will we have? where? When? Who? What activities shall we do?

I fail all the time, usually because I failed to follow the plan.

Life is like that.

But I believe that we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and plan all over again 🙂

Tomorrow I shall share with you, my “stress free holiday plan” I’ve used it for about 5 years now, and I have enjoyed the past 5 years so much – except for the year I failed to plan Christmas Eve and spent that night crying in the bathtub long after it had drained, cold and alone… but more on that tomorrow.

Goodnight y’all!


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