Fully Enjoying the Seaon Day 23 & 24

I’m posting 2 posts in one today because yesterday was a FULL FULL Day and it didn’t happen.

Week Four – Christmas Bliss
Day 23 Daily Reflection During the Holidays

One of the best ways to really enjoy the holidays (and any season really) is to take a few minutes everyday to pause and reflect. I call it Selah time. Selah is the Hebrew word found frequently in the book of Psalms . It means to pause and reflect. The psalmist would sing the verses he had written, and then encourage the people to stop and think about what they’d just heard. Then he’d move on to the next few verses.

It’s a vital step in really taking things to your heart and soul.

I believe that true gratitude or “Eucharistic Living” is spent buy taking moments throughout each day to stop, reflect and give thanks.

This book is essentially an exhortation to walk in gratitude. Read it. Your life will be altered.

At the end of this 31 Days series I’ll be posting a 31 day reflection for December. It will take seconds to do each day, but yield results that are immeasurable. I dare you to try 🙂


Week Four – Christmas Bliss
Day 24 What Colour is Your Christmas?

When it comes to picking your “style” for Holiday decor you may return to the same style over and over, or you may be like me and make changes to your decor each year, or you may change the whole scheme year after year. The key to doing this without breaking the bank is to change the colour scheme. I remember listening to a designer on Cityline years ago, talk about doing this. They said to invest in your “base” decor colour – gold, silver or white. and then to change the colour it essentially would only take one good sized box of a new colour – red, blue, purple, etc.

I’ve tried this, and it works!

So, what is your colour this year? Colour supposedly reflects our mood or state of being for any given season. What’s yours? Traditional Red, Green and White? Or you do change up the white for gold and go Classic? Do you modernize and use no colour, or are you living on the edge and going with really different colours? Do you need a bit of whimzy or fun? What you surround yourself with will bring it out of you each day, so choose well.

Here’s some ideas…
Red, White and Green

Gold, White and Silver…

Silver & Acid Green…

Baby Blue…

Adding Pinks…

Gold Alone…

Mostly White and Earthy Stuff…

Of course there are millions of other colour combos – I’ve done Jewel Tones, turquoise and Red and Harvest Colours with faux leaf garlands and rose and white with velvet flowers on the tree. The sky is the limit really.

Sometimes after you’ve picked your colours, the “theme” comes naturally like traditional, classical, nature indoors, Oriental, toyland, country, victorian.etc.

Get Inspired for the Holidays!


3 thoughts on “Fully Enjoying the Seaon Day 23 & 24

  1. Julie says:

    While we go away every Christmas, I am looking to be a little bit more “festive” this year… no more daycare to rip down the ornaments 🙂 I was at Terra Garden Centres this weekend, and they have theme trees that made me knees weak. They had over 15 different themed trees.
    I have been partial to the shabby-barn-chic look. It's not too polished, it allows for light and creamy colours to blend together, and I like that most of it has literally been found, given to me, or “inherited” from my family members. I am loving the LIMES and LETTUCE greens. I love mixing them with creams, whites, and blacks. Perhaps I'll be putting together a winter themed home, with those colours.

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