Fully Enjoying the Seaon Day 29 Favourite Traditions

I must preface today’s post with a shout out to my “peeps”. The ones to showed up today on a rainy Saturday afternoon prepared to party inside or out with us – regardless of the rain. We had a great time hosting our Annual Harvest Hoorah.

Due to the rain, all the games were cut. But we did manage to carve pumpkins on our kitchen floor – mostly the dads and all the kids fit in there.

The potluck was super yummy and the visiting was much needed and I think enjoyed by all.

Special thanks to Julie for doing the face painting for the kiddos!

I just stood back a couple times and watched as everyone was reconnecting, new aquaintances were made and the new babies were cuddled. We laughed at the bigger kids running through the house and into the yard and having a riot, sneaking all kinds of treats and polishing off the hot apple cider.

The rain did manage to clear up for some to enjoy a fire out back. After everyone had left I had such a nice visit with my younger two boys on a blanket by the fire. They were full of tales of their day and questions about the fire and the stars and the red leaves on the maple tree behind us… sigh. It was perfect.

Now as I write this post: the dishes are done, the furniture is put back, the garbage out, the dog fed, the boys in bed… some of the men folk are having a poker game in the “man cave” of our garage. I’ll be going to sleep a contented woman tonight 🙂 I’m so grateful for the community that God has given us.

Week Four – Christmas Bliss

29 Christmas Traditions

Some of my favourite traditionsL

1. The Christmas Candle
My mom started this tradition when I was young and now when we celebrate Christmas with my side of the family, we continue with it. It’s always a bit different, but always special.
After dinner and the fun and games just before the kids go to bed really, we pass around a candle and share our gratitude for something/one from the past year and/or our hopes & prayers for the coming one.

2. Stockings
Hubby and I prepare our boys stockings and leave them on the foot of their beds on Christmas Eve after they’ve fallen asleep. I love hearing them whisper and squeal in the morning, (and it also gives us a couple minutes more to wake up, while they check out their treasures). Also, hubby and I exchange stockings too so we can join in on the fun.
3. Gingerbread houses/ Cookie Decorating with Grandma
I love watching the boys interact with their grandparents and this is always a fun and messy event.

4. Yaya’s Greek Doughnuts
My mom makes these for us at our family gathering and they are simply delicious – round puffs of warm pastry smothered in cinnamon and honey-lemon syrup.
5. Christmas Carols – either via carolling or participating in church services. I love to sing them, I love to hear them.

6. Watching Christmas movies by the tree all lit up.

7. This is a new one, requested by the kids – to have a sleepover under the tree one night. All of us. We’ll see how that one goes over with Daddy’s back 🙂

The most important thing to us is to be together, loving each other and the One who the season is all about. We honestly have so many more things that we do each year. I’m looking forward to December because we can do so many more little things to celebrate all day long as homeschoolers. Ho ho ho!

with love,


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