2011-2012 goals and recap

My Recap of 2011


I blogged about our Snow Days and started to blog 100 Things about myself (I ran out of steam at around 60).

I shared my thoughts on A House or a Home? and started the challenge to do 3 in 30 i lasted about 3 months.


I should have written out my adventures with an Exterminator and why we needed one, but did write about our Valentine’s Day celebrations and my favourite dessert recipe Chocolate Skor Trifle.

I also should have written about my trip to visit friends in South Carolina and how healing it was for me, but didn’t.


I un-intentionally began a new series New Reads which carried over through the rest of the year and also tackled one of the concepts I wrestled with all year in Where do you go to Church?


Wrote about more new Reads and tried some creative writing in Every Once in awhile…


I spent it Remembering… as its a pivotal month for our family. 5 anniversaries (including ours), 5 birthdays, 2 dads/grandpa’s passings…


I shared about all the changes that contributed to my less than consistent blogging.

So much to figure out… What we’ve been up to – Changes


I shared a bit on the internal workings of the external “what we’ve been up to” in Revelation Road? and how the boys are Changing – Growing Up

I did not blog about how MY COMPUTER GOT A VIRUS and I lost all my photos and unpublished photobooks! I am still grieving. (yes we though everything had been backed up, but were wrong)


I shared about our Homeschool Room & Why we Chose to home school and also a little bit of our Summer Fun and more Reading as well as a nice End of Summer recap and shared my thoughts on Moving Days


I finally got My Mantel and wrote about my thoughts on Doubt?. I also couldn’t help but vent a bit on one of My Pet Peeves and linked to the Fall Nesting parties with my Fall Nesting post.


Was completely consumed with the posts for the 31 Days series and link parties with 31 Days of Fully Enjoying the Season.

This series incorporated our Thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations as well.


School & Life – over at The Heaslip Homestead Academy

This so far has been monthly recaps of our adventures since September.


I wrote about our home decor in A Home for the Holidays and how we celebrated in Glimpses of Christmas and finally did a Reading Recap.

My Goals for My Home in 2011 were…

1. Redo the Main Floor Bathroom:

Status – Done – though oddly I did not blog about it. You can see the after picture here.

2. Overhaul the Sunroom

Status – Not Done – no extra cash. Postponed until possibly 2012 or later.

3. Reorganize the Garage

Status – Done – also, did not blog about this. I think these things were done in the summer when my computer was dead.

4. Enjoy every room

Status – Done. We really did use the entire house better. Part of this I think is because we are home more now because of home school and not working/running around so much.

5. Keep up a changing seasonal theme or table.

Status – Done.

SUMMER. See the shells?

FALL – birds, nuts, books, etc. ( I added a couple things for Halloween later)

CHRISTMAS – which also morphed into…


6. Update the Boys’ Rooms and the Playroom for as little as possible.

Status – Partly Done & Done & Unexpected Blessing Done – we moved the boys in together, but I still need to tweak the room this year. The playroom, became the home school room and Grandpa Jim bought and together with Daddy, built the boys a play yard outside this summer too. (much more enjoyment of our outdoor space happened)

So most of the goals were met, which is GREAT! We’ve had a busy and productive year. I’ve also realized, I left a couple things UNFINISHED gah! So here’s a few goals for 2012…

Home Goals for 2012

1. Do something significant with our Front Step.

My feeble attempts, need some serious help.

2. Finish the Boys’ Bedroom.

3. Repairs on Guest Room and Student’s Room Ceiling.

4. Blog more diligently:

A. Blog about the Little Projects More

For example I did a gallery wall, and never posted about it.

and a DIY wreathe, that I never posted about.

B. Blog about my garden more. Like how we made our own scarecrow.

C. Blog about what we’re doing seasonally.

For example, I’m sure many of you would like to hear about our CRAZY MOMS CAMPING trips and how we survived a severe storm/ tornado.

Or our family trip to the National Museum of Play and the boys first baseball game in a stadium, or how we went up north or when I went to SC, etc… At the very least, I would like the record on here for posterity.

I also think I should finish up my 100 posts about me, before I hit 200 posts maybe?

Thank you for sharing this journey with me so far 🙂 I have been so very blessed this past year and look forward to sharing the blessing in 2012!


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