Seasonal Home – Welcoming Winter

It’s been a productive (yet oddly still very relaxing) few days at the Heaslip Homestead. I’ve been changing out the seasonal decor (Christmas is put away and organized); cleaning both my home and my heart and mind – writing, making lists, reading… It’s been great! I love this season of my life where I have a singular focus. It’s been so many years of having a gazillion things on my plate… I almost get giddy realizing this season at home is at the 9 month mark. Yay!

Crazy thing, I still feel like I’m playing hooky or on a surreal vacation and am enjoying every day far too much for it to be OK.
We’ve been so relaxed we’ve done all that, as well as our grocery shop yesterday, had a 5 hour visit with friends (at their place) went to the mechanic, went to a meeting Monday night and even managed to “waste” a number of hours in front to the tv – and my baby boy fell asleep on me… twice! Oh, and I blogged too 🙂
Back to the point of today’s post…

I am a firm supporter in having my home reflect the season we are in, literally as in what’s happening outside, as well as figuratively – where’s we’re at as a family. So, to battle the January “downer” that naturally comes as a result of packing up the Christmas decor… I purposefully have a bin of “winter” items that only come out after the holidays (this has a lot of snowy stuff and snowmen)
After the festivities and busyness of December, as the “freeze” that naturally accompanies January, I love to do a CLEAN sweep of the entire house. I re-organize as much as possible, pantries, shelves, bins, drawers, closets, under sinks, garbage/recycling areas, etc.

The first area is usually the kitchen cupboards (since I have to switch out the Christmas dishes again). This year I decided to only put in the white dishes as well as a few necessary coloured ones, but our big black plates can wait a few more months. I also update all the family photos that are sent to us from friends and relations over Christmas. I have kept them on the insides of my cupboard doors for years. I like to be able to see them without them cluttering up my fridge even more, or getting damaged from the constant traffic there. This way I can be mindful of them and lift them up in prayer as I think of them 🙂

New calendar, red candle holder (Michael’s clearance), the snow man cookie jar is a beloved favourite goodwill find.

I also clear up the counters and set out some simple, fresh decor. Lots of warmers and candles to help with the smells of boys and the dog (and help create more coziness and light for the longer nights).

Here’s my kitchen mantel for Winter. Most of it is made up of gifts through the years. Trio of pillar candles – gift from sister, Silver-white star – had it, assorted red candle holders – had em, snowy white wreath – Dollarama, Topiary – gift and new H – gift this year. Hanging pillows – gift from Jodi.

I’ve incorporated one of my fav Christmas gifts from Crackerbarrel. It pretty much sums up our family. H for Heaslip and Home. Our story begins…love love it.

This hurricane was another gift this year.
I even give the bathrooms a good overhaul.

This year I asked my dear hubster if we should leave the red decor up Fall/Winter and change to the blue tones for Spring/Summer. He said yes, it’s warmer. So we kept the red in the family room/ kitchen.
Red books and misc. items collected from around the house…

snowmen were a gift years ago, and were in the winter bin…

Moved some furniture in closer to each other, moved around some faux greenery and dusted and plumped a lot.

Here’s a couple views of the area leading to our formal living room/ entrance area which is downstairs.

I kept it pretty natural. Changed out the red accents (on my homemade wreath with gold/ cream) and in the shadow box with a ball I already had…

Here’s our formal living room. After the tree is put away, it seems so open and I putter for a few days putting things into the “best” arrangement. I bring the trees back in by the window, rearrange the shelves with whites and silvers and replace the hints of red with brown and earthy items.
This tiered shelf tries to hide the plethora of wires needed for the internet/ cable/ phone etc.

I left these “mutlicoloured” light pieces on the top of the TV “mantel” because I like the glow at night and the sparkle of the crystal during the day 🙂

This sign went up by the entrance this year, it still needs something, just not sure what yet.

This is my antique dresser. I like to keep using the fresh greens from outside, the white branches have little birds nestled in them and I added the warmer and the antique lamp.

Areas I still haven’t done are…
OUTSIDE, because it’s nasty out there. -10 the past couple days and WINDY.

Am idea I’m toying with, is creating a different area for coming and going from the house in our BREEZEWAY. This will require some work, and I will leave until spring I think, but it’s occupying a portion of my mind.

Another thought I’ve had is to get on top of the situation with my photos, etc after losing them to at virus last summer. I have various things I need to do with this. It will become a priority I think.

Also, I need to get into my calendar and organize it BEFORE life gets back into swing with basketball, birthdays, outings, travel, schooling, skating and hopefully swimming… yeah. I should wrap this up, and go get started with that. Or I could just have my tea and waste another hour in front of the TV… hmmm. I’ll let you know what happened 🙂


4 thoughts on “Seasonal Home – Welcoming Winter

  1. Heather says:

    Wow, Tammara, you've been busy. I love the reorganizing and cleaning that January brings – so refreshing to get back to a normal routine. The house looks gorgeous – love that you keep some winter things out.

  2. Josh Taylor says:

    WOW!!! Simply beautiful!! You have a beautiful home which reflects a beautiful heart! Your blog is inspirational in every way. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us:)

  3. Josh Taylor says:

    WOW!!! Simply beautiful!! You have a beautiful home which reflects a beautiful heart! Your blog is inspirational in every way. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us:)

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