What I’ve Read in January… and a new adventure

Maintaining momentum when it comes to reading so far…

Amazonia – James Rollins
The Beloved Disciple – Beth Moore
Henry the VIII’s Last Wife – Carolly Erickson
Separation of Power – Vince Flynn
How to Get Kids to Help at Home – Elva Anson
Winter – Mary Engelbright
The Four Hour Body – Timothy Ferriss

Coming up next in no particular order:

The Book of Negroes – Lawrence Hill
*For the Children’s Sake – Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
A Constant Princess – Phillipa Gregory
*The Four Loves – CS Lewis
*Boys Adrift – Leonard Sax
*Rainbow Valley- LM Montgomery
*second or more reading

I figured here would be a good place to announce publicly (mostly to myself to keep me accountable) that I’ve decided to bring 2 major back burner projects up to FRONT burner status – effectively immediately.

ITEM ONE -Photobook Redo

The great “Computer virus of 2011” that caused the loss of a great deal of photos (about 3 years worth) which were stored on my computer and some photo books that took HOURS to compile (I watched my husband back them all up onto our external hard-drive before blowing the computer away…which later were irretrievable!!! It still pains me to think about… hence why I’ve avoided dealing with it for over 6 months.

Anyways, last week i got to work and…we’ve managed to salvage more than we originally thought!


1. Costco PhotoCenter is awesome was willing to import all the photos I had uploaded to their site
(Yay, it was ALOT of them) to a CD – I can have them in digital form again!

2. My bestest friend and photographer extraordinaire Jodi had given many of them to me via CD which I also found…

3. Facebook/Costco has a new feature, where you can save, upload print photos from the site! yay – has helped to fill in the gaps in some places where i lost photos but other friends took some – Happy Dance commence!

4. Creative Memories restored all my downloads and programs (thanks Val Esau for the advice). As well, they had my photobooks up to 2009 on file!!! yay – so I only lost one book (2010) which I managed to find all the pics for and can redo. The major holes I have are from January through July 2011 and I’m believing even that will turn out OK.

Soooo, that’s it, I’m redoing 2010 and then doing a version of 2011 too, as well, I may start 2012, since 2011’s may be a lot less labour intensive.


It’s time, I’m going to pull together all the notes I’ve jotted down through the years and as my second born would say… get er done. I haven’t determined if I shall utilize my blog in this process or not, so stay tuned, but either way – this idea that has had 5 long years to germinate is about to be cultivated. Hint, it’s about a different kind of garden…

Wish me luck 🙂

with love,


3 thoughts on “What I’ve Read in January… and a new adventure

  1. Heather says:

    I'm with Christina, you'll love The Book of Negroes. Also have read The Constant Princess and it's terrific too – love anything by Phillipa George.
    Good luck with the book. I'm toying with a e-cookbook idea right now.

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