What I’ve Read in February…

What I read in February…

UnChristian… David Kinnaman

I found this book very challenging. It challenged how I see myself, how I see people who are “outside” the “church” and how I see the “church” itself. Full of very infuriating data about how Christians are perceived in our world, why it needs to change and how to change it. When I was finished, I had this remarkable sense of hope and a desire to make a change, in my life and hopefully having done that, see changes ripple across the vast body of Christ. Definitely will be referring this one, and reading it again.

The Magician’s Nephew… CS Lewis
Is there any need to elaborate. It’s by CS Lewis. It’s awesome. We’re reading our way through the Chronicles, though somewhat out of order. After that it’ll be Harry Potter. After that, Tokien probably.

The Hunger Games – Book 1… Suzanne Collins

I am looking forward to reading the next book. Blew through this one really quick, great story line.

Book of Negroes… Lawrence Hill

I loved this one too. I loved the fact that I read it during Black History Month. I was inspired by the truth in the story,
by the will of the people who were portrayed in this story. Amazing perseverence, fascinating history, especially loved the Canadian connection.

A Constant Princess… Phillipa Gregory
Phillipa is awesome. I enjoyed the fact that this story was much less explicit in the depictions of Henry, but I guess since it was his earlier days, it’s to be assumed.
Since I love history, it was a given I’d enjoy this easy read.

To Train Up a Child… Michael & Debi Pearl

Interesting perspective on parenting and discipline. Jury is still out for me.

The Beloved Disciple… Beth Moore
I had started this in January. Loved it, learned a lot of little nuances and tidbits both historically and spiritually.
Loved the way Beth weaved the lives of Jesus and all the disciples in with the timely message He came to give.Probably will need to read again as well.

Books Beside the Reading Lamp… (as in to be read next)

The Mission of Motherhood Sally Clarkson
Crazy Love… Francis Chan
The Hobbit… RR Tolkien
*For the Children’s Sake Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
*The Four Loves CS Lewis
Prince Caspian CS Lewis
*Boys Adrift Leonard Sax
*Rainbow Valley LM Montgomery

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