Where I’m from…

I was inspired by Ann Voscamp’s version of this at Holy Experience and wrote my own today… (only to read at the end of her post that there’s actually a template I could have followed – haha! Anyways, hope you enjoy my interpretation of it anyways, and the boys and I will be doing the template this week in school 🙂

I am from corn fields and a full house. Everyday was an adventure of imagination.

I am born of the love of a mixed marriage. Mixed faiths, mixed cultures.

East and West, became one.
A picture of how God crossed the breach for all who feel they are on the “outside”.
I am from a place where Christ was honoured first.
Endless summers. Happy memories. The hard work of East and West.
The love of 4 sisters.
I am from a home with 3 bedrooms, one bathroom and 6 women and 1 man.
I am from people who made it work, and found joy in the “making” it work.
I am from a community of faith that was not based in one location, but many. I am from a people who were willing to mentor and live life together with me, showing me that way to go.

From finding the path and following the One who walks ahead of and beside me through the valleys and the mountain tops.
…One day I followed the corn fields to the highway and followed the highway around the big bend that ended at the rushing roar of Niagara.
Then I found my own forever love.

Another one who would walk along with me on this path. Together following the One who walks ahead of and beside us through the valleys and the mountain tops.
We are building another place where Jesus is honoured first.
I am from rushing waters, and peaceful paths, where the glare of commercialism exists side by side with nature, and yet doesn’t win.
I am from hard work, finding my peace in the Prince of Peace, in the midst of early mornings, noisy days and quiet moments.
I am from a house of learning, learning to walk in wisdom and truth.
I am from a place where Life is treasured, because it has been taken too soon from us, in too many ways.
I am from a people who will not quit, who will persevere and overcome, no matter how many times failure shows up. I am from a people who share, who laugh, who sing, who dance, who cry, who pray, give and love.

I am from the One who tread these earthen paths in sandals, these earthen paths that led to the cross, where I was given Life.

I am one of those who cannot forget where I am from and where I am going.
I am merely a breath from Eternity, a whisper of grace.

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