Thanksgiving Surprise!

Remember the big announcement from a few weeks ago? In January
Well, I thought that the dream growing within me was a special project that’s been forming in my imagination for years, a book ( and while that’s still something that’s growing)…lol, I was way off base. Then around my birthday, we found out that God had a different adventure in mind for now…
It’s official!
We’re expecting baby #4 to arrive in the fall of this year. Just before Canadian Thanksgiving. We’re pretty excited about it too 🙂
That explains my recent “hermit like behaviour” (I needed to be close to a bathroom) and the random naps in the middle of the day… while my kids are wreaking havoc on the house.
The boys faces all lit up when we told them (and they’ve determined it should be a girl). The parents were all shocked (teehee)…
I’m pretty pumped that my sister Stephy’s little one due Aug. 2nd will have a cousin close in age too – who knows… maybe we’ll both have the girls we want so much 🙂
Now, back to finding some plain crackers…
Disclaimer… to anyone who I love (and there are many of you) and who I’ve spent time with in the past few days/ weeks (also a good number of you) – I apologize that this post is how you found out, we had to tell the parents and the rest of the family first (which took a bit of time, and even then we missed a few), now it’s fair game for the rest of the world to know and I honestly didn’t know which friends should have been the first to know.
I can say that I’m surprised that no one guessed (perhaps they were afeared to ask, and I’m glad I didn’t have to lie) and all have been surprised! teehee~!
Jodi came closest to the subject a few weeks back, but I successfully dodged it, and supposedly my sisters suspected (I quote… ” you were getting chunky”~nice eh?)
Much love!!!
Chris and Tammara

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