Signs of Spring

This unseasonably beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying in Niagara is bringing spring on with force. The sunshine and warm temperatures are driving people outdoors and the flowers up out of the ground. I’ve been wearing sandals for three days and tank tops, we’ve cranked open the BBQ.

I did do a bit of spring cleaning indoors, and did up a spring mantle, but I haven’t let myself get too carried away with cleaning up all the mess of winter, because, well, it is Niagara, and we could still get one of the crazy winter-spring storms…so, for now, just minor tidying and planning, planning, planning.

Here are our Signs of Spring:

My spring mantle (kitchen).

The three bowls are from Great Aunt Fern, they are the only thing I pulled out of the boxes of her things so far. I plan on sorting through those boxes in the weeks to come. I feel a big garage sale coming on in May. I just happened to have matching butterflies in purple, green and blue in my Spring-Easter decor bin as well as the eggs. The moss bunny was in the bin too, originally from Winners.

I found the bunny/flowered pitcher as well as
the glass pedestals at goodwill for a couple bucks.

My “Spring Vignette” in the entryway.
The egg wreath was clearance last year, loved the pale neutral tones.
I used an old cream coloured blanket,

Then I gathered a few items like the nest and bird cage
from the Spring-Easter bin.

The branches and birds were already there from the winter vignette,
I liked them enough to keep another season.

and I found the brown bunnies at Goodwill too.

This is hanging on our front door…so festive.

and I’m still deciding on the best place to hang this one – indoors or out?

Everywhere I look in our garden I see signs of new life appearing. Buds on the lilac trees and of course…

My crocuses are out in full glory.
The tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are getting ready too.
This week we had spring break, no home schooling and we’ve enjoyed the sunshine an extra bit every day.

The boys and I made our annual trek to the Sugar Bush. Pancakes for lunch, yummy. Followed by a fun hayride and tour.
The boys spent a day making “mud pies“, literally hours.

They also decided to anoint my van with spring “mud prints“. sigh.
We also went for a family BBQ at my sisters place. The boys LOVED running around the farmhouse and barn with their cousins (and so did the dog).
Blowing bubbles with the cousins.
Unfortunately we were too hungry to take pics of the amazing summer salads and Stephy’s incredible shishkebobs. There is something about eating outside in the sunshine.
Beautiful sunset…

Afterwards, we had our first bonfire and sat around eating brownies and coffee, singing campfire songs and telling run-on stories!
We then had a lazy weekend to follow the lazy week. Visits with good friends, church and washing the cars – family, friends, good food and relaxing fun….

The perfect way to welcome SPRING!!!

One thought on “Signs of Spring

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Tamara

    Your spring entry looks wonderful! Love the little birds in the branches – may have to steal that idea.

    This weather is glorious, but I'm worried about how it will affect the trees and flowers.

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