What I read in March…

Crazy Love…Francis Chan
Although I’ve heard great things about this, and have loved listening to FC teaching online, I had a hard time finishing this book. I don’t know if it’s because I read so many books last spring along similar topics or what, I just found it to be OK rather than the “amazing” I had expected.

The Ministry of Motherhood…Sally Clarkson

For me this book was very timely, and I wish I had read it 8 or 9 years ago when I was just starting out as a mom. Of course maybe I wouldn’t have been ready for it then, and it would have not found a willing heart to receive its message. For me, this one was almost a necessary read for this time of my life, and I will be reading it again and again.

Come Spring… Tim LaHaye
I enjoyed this short piece of fiction, although it is part of a series which i don’t have access to so I was disappointed that the story in this book didn’t come to a nice conclusion. I suspect that really it should have all been one book (due to it’s shortness and the simplicity of the read).
Days from the Heart of the Home… Susan Branch
I love Susan Branch and I have loved her books for years. They have been instrumental in inspiring me to embrace the seasons of the year and to express love for living within my home and family. I love that this one covers all four seasons.
Flash and Bones…Kathy Reichs
Great ficitional read, as always. I love that I couldn’t guess the killer until the end and always enjoy an afternoon of fiction in one of Kathy’s books.
The Strong Willed Child… James Dobson

Again, I wish I had read this when Lucas was a baby, it would have saved me so much grief. He is my strong willed child, at least now I have some tools to help me raise him more effectively and help him become the man he will be.

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