There’s something about a Wedding in May

There really is something romantic and wonderful about going to a wedding in  May. We were honoured to be able to attend Chris’ cousins wedding in a little country church and hall in the town of Hagersville. My husband grew up round those parts, so we enjoyed the day immensely and even squeezed in a quick visit with his stepdad and wife between the ceremony and reception.
  I had a great view of the bride just before her grand entrance.
 I love capturing moments like this, you could feel her excitement and anticipation.

 It was a lovely traditional ceremony and I especially loved the vows they exchanged.

They day was truly a celebration of their joy. There was much laughter 
in both in the ceremony and reception to prove it.
It was while I was sitting in the service, I was reflecting on how sometimes I feel like wedding ceremonies are more meaningful and important to the married couples who are in attendance, than perhaps even to the Bride and Groom (excepting the legal aspects obviously ). 
I  was reminded of an article I had read in this months Thriving Family magazine by Focus on the Family. It was written by Timothy and Kathy Keller – Living Out “I Do” reiterates that marriage vows are not supposed to be a declaration of a current or present love, but a mutually binding promise of future love, no matter what.
That’s why I think it’s more meaningful to the already married couples. Because it’s an ongoing reminder of the commitment they made to each other (whether it was weeks or years previously) before God and witnesses. A living reminder that at one time they shared a “present” love much like that of the bride and groom before them, however now, they themselves are activity living out their own vows – that “future love” they promised to each other however long ago. 
I loved this wedding because I believe the Bride and Groom share that kind of commitment to each other, and I was honoured and blessed to be a witness of this covenant and also to have the reminder of a May wedding fourteen years ago, when I was the one wearing white and full of the joy of love

2 thoughts on “There’s something about a Wedding in May

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Tammara – I agree with you totally – whenever I'm attending a wedding I'm always reminded of the commitment I have to my husband and our marriage. Thanks for reminding us.

    Hagersville? Which state? We have a Hagersville near us in Southern Ontario.

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