25 Things

I’m totally copying Shannon’s idea here, just because I need to write, but nothing comes to mind.

1.  My due date was moved.
…kind of. Essentially I’m told I need to be ready to go anytime now. Great for a planner like me (sarcasm implied). They will induce by mid September if I haven’t gone already. I’m cool with that.

2. The girls (Korean girls).
…go home in 17 days. They are great kids, but I am pregnant, and ready for my house to be filled with “just us” for a few months.

3. The Dresser.
I wake up everyday and look at the blue dresser in my room that needs to be painted black for the baby’s room, which then reminds me that the girls are in the baby’s room so what’s the rush since I can’t do anything for 17 days, except that my due date got moved, which throws me into a form of angst, which is a vicious cycle…so I leave my room and start the day so the countdown will diminish.

4. The Spare Room
It was supposed to house a full time student, which cancelled 3 times (hence us being “just us” for a few months – and working out for the best anyways)… the spare room is full of the baby’s things… a pink shag carpet, pink drapes to hang over the closet (which also needs to be painted – sigh), odds and ends, the crib, etc…it makes me jittery because I just want to have things “ready”…sigh

5. Baseball
Finally, Chris’ team won the last game. So after something like 7 or 8 consecutive wins, we’re done with  spending our evenings at a ball diamond…except that he’s in a tournament on Monday.

6. School
We started 3 weeks ago, it’s going OK. Love the new Language Arts curriculum my friend Moni recommended.

7. School
Our local support group had it’s first meeting Tuesday night, and our “co-op” starts on Friday with a hike (which will probably end up with me watching everyone else hike at Happy Rolf’s from a bench)  I’m looking forward to everyone else’s kids going to school too, so it’s quieter outside)

8. Cleaning
My very wonderful friend Vanessa came and cleaned my main floor floors yesterday, they smell awesome and still look clean – yay. She also brought dinner for us (a family of 7 right now) – she is a supermom with special powers and I love her.

9. Labour Day
My sister and her husband are having their annual bash on Sunday despite having a 3 week old baby in the house – I love this bash and the only thing that will stop me from attending, is going into the other kind of labour.

10. Chats
I have some really amazing friends. I love them very very much. They are a form of family to me. I love the random and planned chats with them, I always come away feeling refreshed, challenged and/or blessed. I had a nice short chat at the ball game last night with one of them 🙂

11. My sister
…came over yesterday with her baby boy. I love him. He’s named Aristotelis after my dad. Baby Telly is perfect as far as babies go.

12. My garden.
Depresses me. It’s a mess. What a bad growing year for us. On the bright side, the sunflowers are impressive and moving the tomato and peppers to the balcony was genius (thanks for the suggestion mom). Looking forward to having the “umph” to clear it out so I’m not so depressed.

13. Fighting
I HATE listening to my kids fight. It turns me into a no less scary version of the Hulk. Someone help me. They have been fighting all morning.

14. My Dear husband
He is my hero. Sums it up.

15. I canned over a dozen jars of tomatoes. That’s about all I did last week, but I did it.

16. I also took the boys to Safari Niagara last week. If Jodi had not gone, I wouldn’t have made it.

17. The boys started soccer, while Chris was in playoffs. Sigh.

18. Korean 12 year old girls have little understanding of the discomforts and needs of pregnancy. I feel  sorry for them having to live with me some days. I’m pretty sure they will tell their parents they’ve seen the Hulk’s mom when they go home.

19. I’m really glad the humidity and heat have taken a breather, now I can breathe and the swelling is limited to my hands and feet.

20. I miss TV.
Since I can’t find any more books that will engross me right now, and I can’t do much else because of my size and the aforementioned swelling, I want to watch TV. But I refuse to click the channels, so I go to bed early, which means I get up through the night more. I wish Glee was back on TV, and maybe  Grey’s Anatomy, and maybe CSI New York – why do I like Gary Sinise so much? And why do we have to wait to JANUARY for Suits to start again? – I love that show even more than I liked Lost and even more than Gilmore Girls…

21. The aforementioned fighting boys… I love them. Especially when they come and apologize for fighting so much and want to kiss the baby and hug me. But I love them even when they don’t do that.

22. I would like to make a trip to IKEA, but I’m afeared to travel that far. For the same reason I’ve not crossed the border in 3 weeks.

23. It will be September in 2 days. I love September. I can’t wait to change the house into the fall decor.

24. I’ve only been up for 2 hours and am ready for a nap. Probably because of the fighting and previously mentioned Hulkish episode.

25.  Maybe if I eat something and drink something with caffeine, it will replace the need for a nap, at least for the time being… we need to get our school work done. 

Have a great day!

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