My Garden in August 2013

 Reflections on the Garden…
This is a super long post (mostly pics again). I could have broken it up into several smaller posts, but honestly then it wouldn’t get done at all. I’m more likely to be out in the garden than at my computer, and with the kids and summer in full swing, I’m fortunate to actually be posting at all 🙂 
I have LOVED working in my garden this year. It’s been a great growing year, and I’ve loved watching the plants thrive throughout our property. Last week we spent about 4 solid days outside ripping out dying trees, transplanting, planting new ones, weeding, trimming, etc. We’re quite happy with our work and hope that all the new trees “take” in their new home. Thankfully, we can get replacements at very low cost quite easily.
Here’s the garden back in June/July…
Front Beds…
 The Yarrow needs a friend… any suggestions? 
I’ve wondered about Russian Sage, or another perennial?
The Knock Out Rose is delish – we decided to plant a Yellow Knock Out in the back this summer.


 Water Feature in Sunroom…all the hydrangeas are thriving. 
Endless Summers (Blue and Pink), Limelghts (giant teardrop Green-Whites) and Annabelles.
The Rose in here may need to find a new home. 
We’ve not done much in here as we have long term plans 
to re-do this whole room as part of a deck project.
Here’s an example of the Endless Summer’s before they all were picked for centerpieces…

Rose Garden…

The giant pinks roses are Memorial Days, the Fuscia Standard are knock Outs and the one in the yellow pot is our Yellow Knock Out to be planted. The Perennials are Heucheria, Poppies, Daisies and some ground covers I forget the name of. The front standard is a flowering crabapple.

Perennial Bed

Love the yellows – daylilies, primrose, and I forget the others right now. 
Yet to bloom are Purple Phlox and Daisies. 
They always look nice nestled in amongst the 
Japanese Maple/ Blue Spruce and Lavender Twist.

Lovers Garden (see the anniversary bench)

Next Spring a bunch of these perennials will need to be divided.

 Veggie Garden…
               (Look at the size of that burn pile in the back!)

I’m excited to be growing potatoes for the first time this year!

 Herb Garden

I have enough mint to last til Kingdom Come! 
Peppermint, 2 kinds of oregano, sage, 2 kinds of thyme, lavender, chives, 
rosemary, lemon balm & sorrel

A couple of surprises…

I thought we lost this rosebush last year.
When we trimmed the lilac earlier this summer, it gave these guys room to grow.

And now in August…
Front Porch…

I must remember what these yellow plants are in the boxes, I love them. 
I also LOVE my geraniums. The potato plants did well as expected. 

Front Bed

I had been given Cana Lilies and put them in behind the yarrow for now. 
They’ll find a new home next year where I can really highlight them. 

Upstairs Balcony Boxes

Had to show these because they are doing so well!

Looking down on Rose Garden and Perennial Beds

Post edging, multching, trimming, etc. This was in between the Memorial Days blooms. 
All our roses give consecutive blooms straight through til early November.

 Looking Down on Veggie and Herb Gardens

The big plum tree by the sandbox is now gone. We’ll be planting 2 apple trees on that side of the yard. Look at that crazy herb garden!

Up close…

 the mint is going CRAZY and the lemon balm… ugh.

 The Creeping Jenny is doing nicely

 Beans – Bush and Pole

 Zucchinim – we’ve already harvested 3 good sized ones.

Potatoes – love! I will be doing these again. 
We’ve already harvested 2 basket fulls and there’s lot’s more.

 Cucumbers (almost lost them, but they came back) and broccoli

Kale, romaine, Chard, Beets, Cabbage – we lost our spinach 😦

Another view…


Sunflowers and Corn for Decor.
And happiness – PUMPKINS!



We planted an English Oak tree back here at the corner of the garden.

 We added gravel to the walkways

Lover’s Garden

The clematis flowered this year. I put up the trellis late, so hopefully next year it’ll grow taller. 
Love my phlox and daisies! The cold snap made the tips of our burning bush turn red.

 Back of House Before the trimming…

 and after…

Rose of Sharon
I have a love-hate relationship with these beauties. They are gorgeous and bloom when so little else does, they thrive pretty much anywhere, but they also reseed – EVERYWHERE. So I’ve become selective where they can be planted.

 Side of House

The Iris did nicely this year, In fact, I was quite happy with this little hidden gem of a garden.

 New Planting in front in shared dividing bed with neighbour – Cedars and Hydrangea Standard.

Now for mulch or some kind of ground cover to keep the weeds under control.
That’s all for now. You may or may not hear about the garden again this year 🙂

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