Sooo…I turned 40…awhile ago…

Disclaimer~~~ I’m late in posting this. My birthday was February 14th. That’s right, February. I’m not posting now because I have a problem with turning 40 ~ but rather because today I finished writing my thank you cards. Yes, it’s taken me that long. I’m a terrible person. But I read somewhere that you have up to 3 months and I’m holding to that as truth. They go in the mail on Monday. So finally, I can share how I was celebrated, with you.

First things first,

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to celebrate turning 40. After a turbulent bunch of years in my early to mid 30’s (there were even a few years I didn’t celebrate my birthday…because I just didn’t want to), however, I felt like I turned a corner in my late 30’s in many areas of my life so I’ve come to feel like life is good, it’s beautiful, right now…and therefore 40 is beautiful and good too. Totally worth celebrating. Still, I didn’t know what I wanted. Small and intimate or a big rip roaring party? The problem small and intimate was, where do I cut off the guest list? Impossible… The idea was, since my hubby turns 40 this year too, we talked about celebrating both of our birthdays in the summer… Jodi, decided however that a girls night was in order. I still feel like I want that big party, so maybe we’ll still make it happen…at least for him maybe?

Anyways, back to my party. So Jodi told me she wanted to host a soiree, and asked for me for names, and I was thinking small. I knew I was going out for sushi with my mom and sisters in the beginning of the month, so I thought I’d keep it to non-family and keep it small since I wasn’t hosting, I didn’t want o presume to invite a truckload of people. Jodi then took my list and added to it herself, family and etc… I also knew that I had no need to worry about the details. This lady has a gift for details, and shines in it. She recruited Laura, who knows how to throw a party, and how to really bless someone best, and…

The result was a beautiful night with a lovely group of ladies that really just touched my heart. There were friends I’d made in the last couple years, and also friends who’ve been around for more than 20. How richly blessed I am.

How stylish and beautiful the decor. The Audrey Hepburn-esque, black, white and pink details….delicious food, a signature cocktail, the perfect gift, great memories, being able to tell each friends in person how much they mean to me…yep. A Perfect Night.

40th Party

She does these beautiful banners…


40th Party1

I loved these little quotes on the table. Loved the diamonds, the pearls, the roses, the silver…


40th Party2

Another quote…love.


40th Party3 40th Party9

Even the vase was detailed…the signature drink Laura made up. Yum.

40th Party4

Sweet treats…


40th Party5

40th Party6

These cake pops were delish…


40th Party7

The favours – personalized Lindt chocolates.

40th Party12

40th Party10

Some of my homeschooling mamas,a.k.a the ones who help me survive the crazy…the ones who make me laugh til the wee hours or til I pee my pants, whichever comes first.

40th Party16

These sisters have been my friends since we were all 19… they’ve been through so many seasons with me, I could write a book about it.

40th Party11

The hosts, and more friends who’ve been around for more than 20 years…they’ve seen the good and the bad, and still love me, what more can you ask for in a friend?

40th Party13

Some old photos, fun and embarrassing and all that, were scrolling on the TV through the night.


40th Party19

These girls celebrated my 20th birthday with me with a sleepover way back in college…we had a sleepover after the party at 40 too. Sleepovers are different when you’re body isn’t 20 anymore – but I wouldn’t have traded either night for anything.


40th Party15

40th Party20

I was soooo blessed! A DSLR camera – I’ve been wanting one since Lucas was a baby (he just turned 11) – it was never in the budget for us. But my friends decided it was time. So blessed!


40th Party21

Jodi even arranged for my sister Jennette, who lives in Tulsa and misses so many of these special events, to send me a video – which I will post here soon. It was hilarious and so perfect I watched it twice that night. She’s the best. I have 4 sisters, and often people don’t realize it because she lives so far away. Thank you Jodi for including her.


40th Party18

Saying thank you, and I love you to the friends who were able to be with me that night. I must mention here, that many others who weren’t there that night, made a point to contact me and bless me in their own ways throughout the month with dinners, cards, gifts, coffee outings…the list goes on and on. I honestly felt like I had a birthday month, not just a day… 40 has been wonderful so far.

Thank you Jodi, and Laura and all the rest of the ladies for celebrating this  milestone with me. I am truly blessed. Relationships are so vitally important to me and I will always have this night as a lovely memory, reminding me that I am blessed, so very very blessed.

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