Decorating for Spring and Easter

Here’s a peek of how we changed things up around the house to welcome spring. Come on in~!
February and March 2015 210This is a DIY pussy willow wreath that cost me about $5 to make. It’s a great transition piece between February (post Valentines) to when I add a floral wreath. I could have put one up for easter, but really just loved the simplicity of this one. Instead the Easter wreathes stayed indoors this year. I will be on the lookout for a more “flowery” front door hanging this month though, now that things are definitely greening up.

DSC_0403 DSC_0404

In our front foyer I kept it kind of neutral. The burlap bunny garland stayed up from mid march through Easter.. Basically after Easter I remove the bunnies from most decor and add in the other more subtle spring pieces I have. The bird cage, nest and birds came back this year, with the stacking suitcases and I added more pussy willows here to give continuity from the front door. The glass apothecary dishes have white lights in them and are great to light up the evenings in our entry.

February and March 2015 200 February and March 2015 202 February and March 2015 203

It’s simple, but pretty…and I hope warm and welcoming.

  February and March 2015 187    018

Moving upstairs, the kitchen had touches through Easter. I used both silk and real lilies in the kitchen and family rooms. The mantel arrangement changed a few times to accommodate various table settings. Now that Easter is passed us – most of the “easter” books have been put away with all but the green moss bunny on the shelf. The Lent Candle stayed out and was used most days, what a great exercise we’ll be sure to repeat. It was also pretty.

February and March 2015 190 February and March 2015 191

I loved having this crown and purple scarf out, to keep the focus on the king, more than the commercial aspect.

012  February and March 2015 194

Touches of colour and expecially green, really helped bring some beauty indoors.


In the basement, which is where we hosted a few functions, primarily our large celebration dinner, we decorated the fireplace and the table. The mantel, silk flowers, a couple mirrors and old vases. The only new piece was the burlap bunny garland which was a dollar.

046 084

From our Easter breakfast table.

080 088

And from Easter dinner, in case you didn’t see last weeks posts.I’m not sure if I will get around to posting any other changes since winter. I did change out my curtains from red to a transparent turquoise colour in the kitchen, and a couple wall hangings have changed to lighten things up a bit…no pics, but as I’ve posted about before, I believe that when we make small adjustments in our homes, it helps us transition the seasons in our hearts as well… which helps with the harmony of the home.

What changes have you make around your home to welcome the new season?

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