Reading List 2016

Good Morning! Thought I’d take a break from story telling and share some of my favourite stories written by other people, in books  for today. Another day, I’ll tackle blogs 🙂 Hope you enjoy and find something you’d like to read on my list. I’d love to hear from you what you think, or if you have recommendations, please, please, please share in the comments.

I’d like to preface today’s post with a couple of notes…This is my Personal reading list. None of these are required for any reason other than my own interests and pleasure. I most likely will not finish all of the books on this list. It is ambitious and there will be others as I come across them in the months to come…especially fiction. You will see also some books from Last year’s list here, as I said, some take awhile, some just keep showing up on the list. Others disappear.  (titles with a * are books I’ve finished or almost finished at the time of this writing)


“Finding the right book in the right season of life is like finding the perfect pair of mittens the day before a snowstorm.”  THeaslip, 2008


*Orthodoxy…Chesterton            It has taken me a year to get through half of this. I’ve been taking it slow because it is so good…and also has a lot of words and references that I have to look up to understand it best. It’s a book for reflection. Serious reflection.  It also may be taking awhile because I started watching the Father Brown Series on the BBC (based on Chesterton’s character) J

Mere Christianity…CS Lewis       When I’m finished with Chesterton, I’ll move onto this classic. I’ve got a few other classics on my shelf, unread and I’d love to read them all, but classics require a non-distracted mind, and well, I’m lucky to get 30 undistracted minutes in a day.


This Time Together…Carol Burnett          I still pull up clips of hers on Youtube for laughs…I think she’s amazing, as a woman and a pioneer in a field dominated by men. She made her way with grace and dignity…and she brought joy to the world making people laugh, and still does. Can’t wait to dig in.


The Princes of Ireland…Rutherford         I’m a big Rutherford fan. I read the first Rebels of Ireland last year and enjoyed it. His books take on huge swathes of history and you kind of get sucked into a different world for awhile, so I’ve been waiting to start this one until a time when my family won’t mind my getting lost for a while.

Viral…Kathy Reichs       

I’ve read all of her Temperance Brennan books and enjoyed them, this one is a stand alone, so we’ll see if I like it.

*The Blythes are Quoted…LM Montgomery          As some of you know I’m a huge LMM fan and usually re-read one of her Anne Books a year.  Came across this one and snatched it up as I hadn’t read it. It’s her last manuscript of the Blythe family and the book itself is surrounded in intrigue as publishers and editors all squabbled over the contents. I’m a third into it and loving it…it’s similar to her later books like Ingleside and Rilla of Ingleside with a bit of the Stories of Avonlea (but of course on Nova Scotia) this time.

*Emily of New Moon…Montgomery         My aforementioned “reread” of the year.

Home…Marilynne Robinson      First time I’ve ever picked up one of her books, I’ve seen her quoted a lot and the title drew me in.

The Canaan Trilogy…Marek Halter          Recommended by a good friend, based on woman from the bible, I’m wondering how similar they will be to Francine Rivers’ books with similar threads.

*Sons of Encouragement…Rivers  & The Last Sineater…Rivers          Speaking of Francine Rivers…she has yet to write a book I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. One of the few Christian Fiction Authors I can say that about. Both of these books were great. The first, 4 “supporting roles” played by men in the Bible. The second book, set in the Carolina Mountains of the 1800’s. Very moving.


*Mr. Owita’s Guide to Gardening…Carol Wall   I loved this book. I read it in a day, and had to repeated put it down to cry and take a breath. It deals with grief and forgiveness in a beautiful and powerful way.  I honestly think this book is what pushed me into writing the series on infertility this past month.

Unstoppable…Christine Caine

Recommended by my book club. Looking forward to it.

Notes from a Blue BikeTsh Oxenreider

I love her blog/vlog. Found this on clearance at the Book Outlet – and it’s a new book! Looking forward to it.

Cartwheeling in Thuderstorms…Rundell

Looks like a winner. After last year’s forray into memoirs, I just picked it up…

*Blood Bones and Butter…Gabrielle Hamilton   Technically I read this last year after my sister started our Cooking Club. But I’ve never included it on my lists, and it deserves mention.It was amazing and really turned me on to that style of writing. Thereafter I read everything by Shauna Neiquist, who writes in the same style, storytelling with truth. (see. Bread and Wine, Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet and most recently Savor, all by Neiquist. I also read Atlas Girl…by Emily Wierenga last year, also not on list. 

 Non Fiction

*A Million Little Ways…Emily P. Freeman So far, this has been my favourite read this year after Mr Owita’s Guide. I love her style, her vulnerability. My copy is highlighted and dogeared. I gobbled it up. About releasing your art, your story, finding your purpose in a million little ways.

Trust Me I’m Lying…Ryan Holiday

I had started this one several times…and I don’t why I don’t get further than chapter 3.

The Idea Hunter…Boynton Fischer

Because I want to read something my husband is reading.

The Power of No…James Altucher

…again, I want to read something my husband is reading

Baseball as a Road to God…John Sexton

Our summer is baseball, thought this book was fitting.

A New Kind of Christian…Brian D. McLaren

To mess up my own mind, like I did after reading his other book.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years…Donald Miller 

Loved his Blue Like Jazz, looking forward to this.

Sacred Marriage…Gary Thomas

This one was from my mom. Looks good.

Why Men Hate Going to Church…Murrow

Read a blog on this one. It annoyed me. Thought I’d read it myself.

The Fringe Hours…Jessica Turner   

Started reading it, got distracted. We’ll see if I continue.

Where There is Love, There is God…Mother Theresa

Jesus Among Other Gods…Ravi Zacharias

Keeping the Feast…Paula Butturini

Looks good. It was $2 in scratch and dent section. I love the Book Outlet.

Amusing Ourselves to Death…Neil Postman

Started reading this 2 years ago. Get about ¾ and then am distracted by the very things the books warns us of…media, etc.

Misfits Welcome…Matthew Barnett

The co-founder of the LA Dream Center. I love his stuff.

Made to Crave…Lysa Teurkhurst 

Loved her recent book The Best Yes. This one’s next.

A Year of Biblical Womanhood…Rachel Held Evans

Love her blog. Looking forward to this.

Adventures in Churchland…Dan Kimball 

Have enjoyed some of his other work on the Emergent Church.

The following books piggy back on the books I’ve read the last number of years. They are follow ups either to a specific author I enjoyed (ie. Webber) or subject (Sacred Year)

The Origins of Paganism and Christian Beliefs…Edward Carpenter

Common Roots…Robert E Webber

The Sacred Year…Michael Yankoski

Christianity…Bamber Gascoigne

For Teaching at Home

More Charlotte Mason Education…Catherine Levison

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions…George Barna

Barna has done a lot of research on generational Christianity and church growth. I figure he knows what he’s talking about.

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare…Ken Ludwig

We cover Shakespeare in the boys Performing Arts Co-op so I thought it may be a good idea to study it at home a bit. This book was recommended by Sarah MacKenzie at


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