How to change your internal news feed…

change newsfeed

Yesterday, I took the boys to their first meeting of a Poetry Club. Hosted by a brave, beautiful fellow home schooler in her lovely country home. A bunch of us moms dropped the kids off in another room and snuggled up together in her cozy sitting room having “shop talk” – for those who home school this includes any amount of discussion regarding – curriculum, children’s progress, lament over time, government, the latest natural food/ healing remedy, latest reads and sharing our own favourite poetry/ passages. Yesterday was a good day.

In honour of yesterday I thought I’d share this poem I wrote quite a awhile ago in response to all the negative news feeds swirling around on Facebook and the news…and partially in response to my post earlier this week on Dream Stealers. The news feeds haven’t changed, but something in my heart has….I don’t want to be cowed by the negative around me, I want to let the light rise up within me and shine out.

Bombarded from every side,
A phone call, a news feed, top stories all reporting the same thing.
Pictures of pain, stories of loss, endless dialogues of hurting
Whispers of regret and hopelessness, shame
Screams of fear and hatred, anger and disgust.
A brother suffers alone, a child is sold into the night
A woman ignored, a family torn apart.
Images of our world being polluted, destroyed…
The future seems grim for the earth,
And the people in it.

The shadows are laughing, lingering, leering
Taking, taking, taking…

But we are children of light.
We raise our fists in defiance and insist on this…
In spite of and into the darkness…

We will GIVE.

Give goodness, mercy, faith and kindness… passage.
Give hope a voice, heard through the ages.
Give comfort and compassion to those who suffer.
Give the untouchables…a hug, and help.
Give differences… tolerance and patience.
Give forgiveness to all… whatever they’ve done.
Give grace to those who only see darkness, and walk in it, lost.
Give beauty… a body, a face, a name.
Give stories of life… momentum.
Give love… a chance to transform.
Give redemption… an open heart.
Give music and art, drama and dance… a stage….and an audience.
We will shine the Light and the darkness will surrender.

Life, and Light and Love… WILL WIN
through us walking in them.

Tammara Heaslip

light in darkness


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