What I Read in 2016…


Image result for pics of reading booksBack in the spring of last year, I shared my reading list here. I thought I’d update it, before the year is done, but alas it is now January! …maybe you’ll be inspired to read more in these cold winter months, when no one can fault you for curling up on the couch for hours on end…

Reality Check…Since more than half of that list were “no-go’s” – here’s an update on what I did end up reading:Image result for pics of reading books

Disclaimer – for those of you who are new to a Whisper of Grace…I am very aware that I read a lot. Furthermore, this list is not comprehensive because I don’t include books I only get part way through, and I haven’t included reference books (because that would be kind of boring and perhaps give you too much insight into my private life – ha) and also, technically there’s only two classics on this list, and lot’s of fiction and memoir which tend to be easy reads…this year I’m hoping to return to reading some great works that are “harder” reads.  I hope this list inspires you or perhaps you’ve also read one of these (or more) and would like to discuss – I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment. Later this week I’ll post what I hope to read in 2017 – at least to start.


World War Z by  Max Brooks

My husband gave me this for Christmas and I’m really enjoying it. It’s so completely different from the movie – and such a different writing style and composition. A fictional history on a past world wide zombie pandemic. I don’t use this word a lot, but it’s really cool.




Quiet by Susan Cain

Product Details“The power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” – I’ve heard so much about this book and feel like it’s going to change my way of thinking about myself, the way Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax did about understanding boys, or like Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman did for valuing my own gifts years ago.



With Open Hands  by Henri Nouwen

Product DetailsI can only say, thanks to a friend, this spring will be for me, “the year of Henri Nouwen”. I read 2 of his smaller books last year and this being one of them and I literally felt my heart growing.




The Calvary Road by Roy Hession

Product DetailsAgain, another little gem that revolutionizes your mind and heart.






Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

The Bone Labyrinth  by James Rollins 

The Survivor by Vince Flynn

Speaking in Bones Kathy Reichs

These were fun. Kind of like a movie, the kind of book I can usually finish in a night if I’m willing to sacrifice a little sleep. It’s usually worth it.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Sons of Encouragement  by Francine Rivers

The Last Sineater by Francine Rivers          

The Blythes are Quoted LM Montgomery       

These were more thoughtful. Usually take me a few days. Like thoughtful movies, that leave you thinking a little bit.

Product Details

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus                      Beth Moore

I adored this book. It was fun, and moving and riveting – pure enjoyment. It had quirky characters and a fun setting, a great plot with some twists. Beth Moore’s first foray into fiction does not disappoint.



Product DetailsThe Red Tent                                                  Anita Diamant

After reading – a year of Biblical Womanhood where I first heard about it, I found it fortunate to find this book on a freebie table…and I love love loved it. It reminded me of The Woman Who Named God by Charlotte Gordon – but even better… because it covers the stories of more than just one woman from the time of Abraham. It was fascinating and also empowering.


Product DetailsUninvited                                                       Lysa Terkeurst

One of my favs this year, my take away was to savor the gifts of being alone, being set apart (rejected) and silence.




Product DetailsPresent Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

This was not one of my favourites from SN. Not bad, just didn’t blow me away – I didn’t connect with repeated truths as I had in past books like Cold Tangerines and Bread & Wine, but I did take away the value again, of silence…it also happened to be when I was reading Hession and Nouwen – who both addressed silent seasons in prayer…so maybe it was timely afterall.


Product DetailsParis  by Edward Rutherford

For me reading Rutherford is like going on a Holiday to fascinating places around the world. Since I’ve actually been to Paris – I loved this one perhaps most because of the connection to the physical city I’ve experienced. It was also interesting to me because we were studying the French Revolution in Homeschool around the same time…really made it come alive for me.

Experience And EducationAmusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

Experience and Education  by John Dewey

Amusing Ourselves to Death  by Neil Postman

These were very intellectual books tackling the subjects of public education and the effects of mass media and technology on society. Both very informative and interesting.

Product DetailsTeaching From Rest by Sarah MacKenzie

One of my favs from this year. I read it three times… and keep it nearby for handy access. It is not lost to me that my word for 2016 was REST and she drove home how to bring it into my homeschooling day again and again. I think this would bless even non-homeschooling families.


Ordinary Christianity    by Jonathon Welton

I like reading Welton, because he pushes the religious cultural boundaries – but in a very loving and biblical way – not in a way that leaves you with more questions than answers like some authors do, but with questions and hope, definitely hope.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

A Gracious Space: Winter, Spring, Fall         Julie Bogart

Fav. Homeschool “devotional” – and she’s started a series on Youtube last year, so I can listen to it while setting up school or doing the dishes. Score.

Product DetailsOrthodoxy                                                      G K Chesterton

It took me 2 years to finish this one. Take away…as a society – we know so much and are even more ignorant. As believers we need to listen more and speak less. We need to hold onto our identity in Christ with more passion and more humility. And finally, history repeats itself .




Product Details

Mr. Owita’s Guide to Gardening                   Carol Wall

Reading this book was an emotional experience. Very good, timely for me…healing.




Product DetailsNotes from a Blue Bike                                  Tsh Oxenreider

Great book, but to be completely honest – I get more from her blog and podcast.




Product DetailsProduct DetailsCarry on Warrior    &           Love Warrior                         by Glennon Doyle Melton

I read both of these within months of each other. I was moved, I don’t agree with all she says, but mostly I learned some things about myself and my own faith, and that made all the difference.

Product DetailsAtlas Girl                                                         Emily T. Wierenga

My take on this was Kind of the same as Notes from a Blue Bike. I read a lot of memoirs this year, and enjoyed them all…but they only take you so far. I did like that I was hearing from a Canadian in this one.



Product DetailsLean on Me                                                     Anne Marie Miller

This was timely for me as I took a step out of my comfort zone and joined a Mom’s group at church this past fall. This book spoke to me about stepping out in faith again, to open myself up to others, to be vulnerable and have community outside of where I was comfortable.


Product DetailsSpeak                                                              Nish Weiseth

Another memoire, but lot’s of take away – all to do with Story and sharing and community.




Product DetailsA Year of Biblical Womanhood                     Sarah Held Evans

This one was right in the flow of so many things in my journey over the past couple years really. It was timely, and one I will revisit.



Product DetailsFor the Love                                                    Jen Hatmaker

This book just made me laugh and laugh – and then hammered home truth like a shotgun when I was exposed and not expecting it…yeah, it was just like that.



Product DetailsThe Way of the Heart                         Henri Nouwen

OH My – where does one start with Henri? This book discusses silence and solitude and prayer and pilgrimage and hospitality in ways like I’ve NEVER heard. As mentioned above, I literally felt shifts happening in my head and heart while reading this little gem. Kind of like reading Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence, but in today’s language…only kind of.


Product DetailsAll the Pretty Things                                      Edie Wadsworth

This was an adventure that I couldn’t put down. I’ve read her blog for years, and the book just did not disappoint. The blog kept us posted on her journey in writing it, so it was just great to be along for the ride.



Product DetailsFrozen Tears                                                   Lina Aziz

Eye opening account behind the doors of one Arab-Canadian family – and grace and salvation.




Product DetailsA Million Little Ways                                     Emily P Freeman

Hands down the best book of my year – it spoke to my heart as an artist, a writer, a woman and as a child of God. Liberating and encouraging on so many levels. I gave away several copies of this one.



Product DetailsThe Life-Giving Home                                    Sally & Sarah Clarkson

Mother-Daughter team – loved the insight into their writing, their home and family practices, and took so much away from this practically and personally.



HOME EDUCATION – these were books we read aloud together in School last year.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

My Side of the Mountain                    Jean Craighead George

20000 Leagues Under the Sea            Jules Verne

The Long Winter                                 Laura Ingalls Wilder

The King’s Shadow                              Elizabeth Alder

The Door in the Wall                          Marguerite de Angeli

Jotham’s Journey                                 Arnold Ytreeide


I love our read aloud part of the day. It doesn’t happen everyday, but I wish it would – it never disappoints and it’s so exciting to go on the adventures of these books along with my kids.




One thought on “What I Read in 2016…

  1. Tracy says:

    You inspire me! Great books! Good for you for making it through Chesterton… heard that it’s hard! The only one on your adult list that I’ve read was Teaching from Rest. Loved it too!! My copy has been circulating amongst friends and I can’t wait to get it back! And from the kids books, we’ve enjoyed all of those too (haven’t read the King’s Shadow one though). Hope you’re doing well! Tracy:)

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