Eastertide 2016

The last year or so I’ve been reading a lot on the Liturgical or Sacred Church Year. I am by no means leaning into becoming Catholic or Orthodox, but I have found that incorporating some of the rich aspects of traditional worship into my own observances has been so so beneficial.

An Enriched Lent

We began Lent on Ash Wednesday when I began this study on the the Prodigal Son, with Edie Wadsworth, from lifeingraceblog.com. She’s a Lutheran, and I’ve loved so much of her writing which reflects her deep faith and the highlights the Lutheran leanings toward the need for grace in our daily lives.

CandleI read somewhere about having 6 candles and lighting them all on Ash Wednesday, on each Sunday prior to Easter, eliminate one candle. Then on Good Friday extinguish them all. It’s like the reverse of Advent, to remind us of Christ conquering the darkness in the Resurrection. I don’t force anyone in the family to participate in this, I just take a moment to center my heart and mind on the season, and honestly, the entire process was just so powerful this year. By resurrection Sunday, I was full of this anticipation to celebrate!

A Beautiful Holy Week

Last year, we did a daily study of walking through the last days of Jesus’ life on earth leading up to the cross…and on Holy Saturday we made Resurrection Rolls.

044 060 062 073

This year we changed it up according to our schedule. Each night of Holy Week we had our Family Time either after dinner or during Homeschool…

We did our main readings from this book by Vic KParker…It was very thorough (good for younger and older kids) and divided the week up perfectly…love the illustrations too.

book inside book

and added Easter Hymns to our binder we use for Morning Time/ Symposium most days…

Symposium Binder easter hymns

On Monday we read about Jesus clearing the Temple, on Tuesday we read about the Last Supper and had a “footwashing” of our own (we washed each others hands) and had communion.

DSC_0352  DSC_0353

On Wednesday we read about Jesus’ praying in the the Garden and his betrayal. On Thursday we read about his false trials and the beatings he took for us. On Friday, the crucifixion. Saturday was a day of silent reflection.

And Sunday….we celebrated.

We joined with other saints at a service…which was beautiful. Full of dance, visual art, music, congregational singing and the gospel message…best of all, the expectation reflected on the faces of fellow believers.

baskets1 baskets

The kids got their baskets AFTER church (there was no way they were eating candy before church!)

groupThen the extended family came over for dinner. We all love to see the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – but according to my dad…holidays were a must for the family to get together.

Dinner was complete with our singing, conversations, jokes and of course delicious food.

easter program

I try to make our celebrations a bit more meaningful by taking an hour to plan a little “outline” that includes poetry, or scripture reading, some songs/ hymns, games, etc. This is what this year’s looked like…we had a “progressive reading” of the Resurrection Story as napkin rings. I found them here.


 I try to set the table the night before. This year I was on a tight budget, so created a centerpiece with silk flowers from storage, my sister ended up giving me some fresh flowers that day, So I incorporated them happily.The rest were decor I already had from years past. Loved stuffing old plastic eggs with the conversation starters, they were like Easter “fortune cookies”.

DSC_0368 DSC_0380

DSC_0370 The kids table had an Easter I-SPY Game I found here…

After dinner we headed outdoors for the Egg Hunt…


DSC_0395    DSC_0408    DSC_0403


DSC_0424And back indoors for dessert!


Happy Easter – Christos Annestis!!

PS – I was super happy with my easter decor this year. I spent a whopping $3!

Decorating for Spring and Easter

Here’s a peek of how we changed things up around the house to welcome spring. Come on in~!
February and March 2015 210This is a DIY pussy willow wreath that cost me about $5 to make. It’s a great transition piece between February (post Valentines) to when I add a floral wreath. I could have put one up for easter, but really just loved the simplicity of this one. Instead the Easter wreathes stayed indoors this year. I will be on the lookout for a more “flowery” front door hanging this month though, now that things are definitely greening up.

DSC_0403 DSC_0404

In our front foyer I kept it kind of neutral. The burlap bunny garland stayed up from mid march through Easter.. Basically after Easter I remove the bunnies from most decor and add in the other more subtle spring pieces I have. The bird cage, nest and birds came back this year, with the stacking suitcases and I added more pussy willows here to give continuity from the front door. The glass apothecary dishes have white lights in them and are great to light up the evenings in our entry.

February and March 2015 200 February and March 2015 202 February and March 2015 203

It’s simple, but pretty…and I hope warm and welcoming.

  February and March 2015 187    018

Moving upstairs, the kitchen had touches through Easter. I used both silk and real lilies in the kitchen and family rooms. The mantel arrangement changed a few times to accommodate various table settings. Now that Easter is passed us – most of the “easter” books have been put away with all but the green moss bunny on the shelf. The Lent Candle stayed out and was used most days, what a great exercise we’ll be sure to repeat. It was also pretty.

February and March 2015 190 February and March 2015 191

I loved having this crown and purple scarf out, to keep the focus on the king, more than the commercial aspect.

012  February and March 2015 194

Touches of colour and expecially green, really helped bring some beauty indoors.


In the basement, which is where we hosted a few functions, primarily our large celebration dinner, we decorated the fireplace and the table. The mantel, silk flowers, a couple mirrors and old vases. The only new piece was the burlap bunny garland which was a dollar.

046 084

From our Easter breakfast table.

080 088

And from Easter dinner, in case you didn’t see last weeks posts.I’m not sure if I will get around to posting any other changes since winter. I did change out my curtains from red to a transparent turquoise colour in the kitchen, and a couple wall hangings have changed to lighten things up a bit…no pics, but as I’ve posted about before, I believe that when we make small adjustments in our homes, it helps us transition the seasons in our hearts as well… which helps with the harmony of the home.

What changes have you make around your home to welcome the new season?

Celebrating Easter – Christos Anesti!

As promised, here’s the follow up to yesterday’s post. This is how we finished out the Holy Week on Resurrection Sunday!

Christos Anesti! Χριστός ἀνέστη! – “Christ is Risen!”

Alithos Anesti!   Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! – “Truly He is Risen!” or “He Has Risen Indeed!”

Early Sunday morning we woke up to a nice spread of easy foods to eat on the go, we knew it would need to be a fast morning because we had to leave for the church service by 9 am. Elaina followed the bunny footprints from her room to her basket in the kitchen. The boys had a hunt complete with clues that led them all over the house. You can see it here. The baskets were 75 percent non-candy items like pencils, small toys, etc. and then a few treats including a small chocolate bunny. Isabelle’s basket had some teenager friendly treats too. Seeing it was her first North American Easter Celebration, we didn’t want her to miss out on the fun.


Breakfast table…pretty tablecloth, white plates and tea set, our coloured eggs and a bunny, muffins and hot cross buns under the dome and a fresh fruit tray. The tulips were borrowed from the dinner table.


086 087

The church was packed, the choir was huge, the songs were spectacular and filled my heart with joy. The message gave me much to meditate on and on our way out the door…. SNOW?! What! At least it was pretty and didn’t last.

After church we hurried home to finish setting the table before the rest of the family joined us for a Roast Ham Lunch. It was potluck style. Here’s what I did with the table…keeping it pretty simple, not spending any money except on the tulips.



I laid an old egg wreath on the table and set in a candle holder to set the pitcher of tulips on. I bought the tulips closed the day before and kept them wrapped so they wouldn’t open or flop over too soon.

088  099

Instead of favours or place cards, we kept it simple with grownups on the corners, I glued a simple paper flower onto the napkins.  Yes we used plastic plates and cutlery. Next year, I will not cheap out on the cutlery, they kept breaking, which was funny, but not to be repeated. I put chocolates in these cute metal baskets on each corner instead of favours at each place.

130 135


143 147

My family makes everything fun. My sisters (as long as they have music) are clowns in the kitchen – and they get the dishes done!

Egg Hunt!

After dinner, after all the visiting and just when the kids are the most ansty, we head outside for the annual egg hunt. This year some of the eggs had chocolates, and some had money.


Each kid had their own colour of egg to keep it simple.

152 149

It was so much fun watching the 2 year olds get the idea of collecting eggs. These 2 had it made, no particular colour, so the big kids had to move fast!

162 165 163

It was difficult getting Isabelle to put the baby down long enough to collect eggs. Since she’d never done this before, I made sure she had some eggs too.

156  173


Happy Easter Everyone!!!