My Very First Post


Life at the Heaslip house has been pretty crazy the past week. My beloved son Lucas “flushed away” – since the movie, he’s been obsessed – a toy down the upstairs toilet, which flooded the house and caused upwards of $10,000 damages, that’s right, all from one toy. So we’ve had crews in all week tearing out baseboards, ceilings, etc. and now we’re surrounded by giant industrial fans that sound a bit like jet engines – between  4 and 5 of them on each floor. To boot. This is somewhat frustrating because being pregnant in my last trimester, I’m pretty obsessed with getting things around the house ready for baby, and winter, and Christmas, etc. etc. Nevertheless, good has come from this, the basement (rec room) which has been a project that I never had the energy to tackle since dad passed away in the spring (he lived down there) – has started, the workers had to remove a bunch of furniture (that we didn’t want anyways) – pack up all his things in the living room (saves me doing it), replace lights (which needed replacing), etc. etc. So it’s been good overall, just not enjoyable having the whole house upside down.

We finally got our van on Monday, and I finally got to drive it Wednesday, after we brought it home Monday, the radiator had a problem so in it went to get fixed, but hurrah, it’s here now, and I can’t be happier. I went to IKEA yesterday just to celebrate.

Some of the finished projects in the house are that the baby’s room is pretty much done, except for putting the dresser (from IKEA) together, and the curtains, which my blessed mother in law will do for me on her next visit in a couple weeks. The boys room is done too – and I’ve officially gone through all the summer clothes and switched them around. I’m about 50% done with Christmas shopping, and most of what I need for the boys to have a fun Fall is together too, so I keep reminding myself to relax, it’ll all come together, right on time. A peaceful heart is a gift. A peaceful mind is a choice.

So, I should move along today and get the boys going, what to do on a rainy day in a windy house…