Valentine’s Dinner Recap

Here’s a quick recap of our Valentine’s Dinner. First we make the table very festive.

Then, since it always includes the kids, I need for it to be something they will think is special and yummy. Pasta and chicken is always a winner…

so when we found these heart shaped pasta’s again, we scooped em up.

Add some vodka sauce – yummy for both adults and kids…

Finished product…voila!

Then we created our chicken dish, chicken breasts roasted with root veggies and red peppers. Add some broccoli with cheese sauce and fresh spinach salad…


Side by side…

for dessert we had creme brulee (which I almost forgot to take a pic of)

Valentine/Birthday surprises and sparkling grape juice…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Just another day?

In our house, Valentines is not just another day. We spend days before planning our special meal and preparing the surprises for each other. It’s a family thing, not just for the hubster and I.

It was also my birthday, which is another reason we go all out to celebrate. I see it like this, “If God saw fit to have me born on this day, I should celebrate it extra-specially, otherwise it would have been just any other day…

I truly go all out adding decorative touches throughout the house, but I thought i’d spare you photos. (besides most of them are already put away and I forgot to take pics)

Here’s my kitchen mantel all decked out. I just love red and pink and think
Valentine’s is a great opportunity to pull it out and show it off.

All the stuffies collected over the years find little nooks through the house.

Sparkly hearts and valentines.

Makeshift centrepiece.
In my world the celebrating started with a sisters lunch a couple weeks ago at our fav. Greek Restaurant on Steph’s bday, but we doubled up…
Then a week later, 2 days before the bday, my little sis Andrea set up a spa in her home and gave me a pedi-manicure.
It’s hard to picture without the foot spa which was being filled with water at picture taking time. But it was set up all pretty with candlelight, a fire glowing, treats and drinks and general pampering. She is awesome at this.
That night a bunch of my girlfriends came over to conclude our Anne of Green Gables Marathon and surprised me with cake, balloons and presents – I felt very special indeed ♥.

On the actual day, my boys woke me up with bday kisses and valentines ♥ and then we celebrated Valentine’s with our home schooling friends at a special lunch. It was so nice to catch up with everyone!

Every year we plan a special dinner and decorate the table “romantic” and have a special menu. Everybody loves it. Then we hand out our “valentines” to each other. The boys picked there’s out for mom and dad and Christy so it was fun seeing the expression on their faces when we opened them.

Finally, to keep the celebration going, my Jodi took me out for dinner and we gorged ourselves at Johnny Rocco’s. The next day, my baby sister Becca gave me a mega massage before taking the boys for the night

In our house, Valentines is definitely NOT just another day, it’s a reason to celebrate!!!
I am so blessed